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  1. 650L? Man that's a far way to fall dude! Are you freekin nuts!? lol. Don't worry I would be happy to laugh at you/with you. That is as long as you don't get hurt or bend your scooter up too bad. My phone is 443-553-6568. If you ever feel like riding up to Elkton, or meeting in North East man hit me up. There is also a guy in Havre de Grace that is building a roady/trail bike that said he should have it done soon. I am busy as git but I will always try to make the time to ride.
  2. Hey Guys, I appreciate the feed-back. I'll try the other sites mentioned also. By the way Sewer Pilot. . .I appreciate the plug. . .but GreenRidge is like three hours from here. My behind would be raw by the time I got there. I was thinking more local stuff. like the C & D Canal Levies and Access Roads, Elk Neck State Park, Delaware City, Chesapeake City-etc. I just put a pair of street tires on my DS last weekend. It doesn't feel like the thing is going to slip out from under me anymore in the turns and boy does it hook up on the black top. I know it ain't gonna get it in the mud though. I'm not even going to ride it anywhere there is moisture of any kind til I get back on Knobs. I change them because I am thinking seriously about the 911 ride in August. It is a Police escorted group of Motorcycles of all kinds that travels to all of the crash sites. It benefits the children of the victims and first responders education funds. A good cause I would say. . .It would be great if some of you guys would consider it too. It should be pretty cool. . .anyhow, my offer still goes, I would just like to meet some new people to ride with.
  3. You got the right tude little brother. Someone else said on here you are way ahead of them with your take on life. Your MX buddies will learn, hopefully anyway. I remember as a kid I always had to look over my shoulder for a cop when I even got near the asphalt with my dirt bike. Now when I come to the hard-top from a trail on my dually, I just turn on my bogus little turn signal and pull out into the rest of the world. Nah man, nothing like a dual sport. . .Besides trailors just s*ck. I mean what is the point? Keep the Faith.
  4. Everyone around here seems to have only Harleys and Crotch Rockets.: Email me at ddave4001@yahoo.com if you're interested. . .please be plated. Thanks!