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  1. blue225tt

    CRF450 ride height

    Well it's been over a month since your post. What did you do...? How'd it work out ? I have the same problem. I'm 5'8'' & 150 lbs. I think the bike is 1/2 - 1'' too tall to kick and a little hard to mount. I have heard the lowering link effects the ride?
  2. blue225tt

    Gearing suggestions for an 08 Trail/Hare Scramble

    I have an 06 & it had the OEM 13/48 - I went to 12/48 - but am considering going higher in rear, as it still seem tall for woods. I too will look forward to suggestions.....
  3. blue225tt

    Trail Riding / sproket advise

    I think it has stock set up...13/48T. I thinking of buying this... http://www.bikebandit.com/product/17827 It comes with a 13/51T. Anybody running this for the woods ?
  4. I just bought this CRF 450R - previous owner used on track. I only trail ride. Seems like 1st & 2nd on geared too high. Any suggestions welcome on what size sprockets to use? Thanks.