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  1. Hey, guys I just bought a 1985 XR600 in great shape, was wondering if anyone knew where to get a quality seat cover made in black, yeah I know the originals were blue however I am not a fan of that blue. Also does anyone know if the 1987 side panels will fit on the 1985, all indications are they will, but thought I would check to make sure. Thanks Bob
  2. husemanbob

    79 CR125 Throttle Response

    This worked the setting on the neddle was dead center and I moved it to the top groove and all is well, the bike is running fine, I also replaced the stock reed valve assy with a V-Force and wow, now this is the bike I remember riding in 1979. Thanks Guys.
  3. husemanbob

    79 CR125 Throttle Response

    OK, I have figured this out, thankfully I had ordered an original owners manual on the internet and it showed up today, it talks about this very thing and in great detail. I will try this adjustment tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  4. husemanbob

    79 CR125 Throttle Response

    Not to sound like an idiot, but just exactly where is this adjustment, there are 2 screws on the carb one is the idle and the other is (?), the carb was jetted by Sudco to what they said was the original specs. I am very mechanically inclined just not too familiar with the carbs. If you could provide more detail I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Bob
  5. husemanbob

    79 CR125 Throttle Response

    I have a 1979 CR125 that I have recently purchased, had to install a new carb, new air cleaner, and clean the bike up, it runs good when you get to the top end and at the bottom, however the middle has a slight hesitation. I am chasing the reed valves next, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. The bike is very strong at the top and seems to have a tight engine. I would like to get it running as designed for the summer and then restore to original this winter. Also does anyone know where to purchase a quality set up for the reeds? Thank you Bob