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    underwater basketweaving, crochet, sewing.. lol NOT
  1. Oilfield_Mafia

    Boogieville in Arkansas?

    The race was on the 26th.. I didnt mean that I had like JUST got back.. lol It was great in all honesty. THere was everything there from very expierenced Harescramble riders to first timers, like me.. and everything from new 125 two strokes, 250's, even vintage bikes.. and there was maybe 3 or 4 450 four strokes.. and I happened to be on one.. lol
  2. Oilfield_Mafia

    SPEED TV sucks

    Speed on my DirecTV is showing Lites from SLCity right now.. almost over.. I have the DVR set for 9pm CST! GO BUBBA!
  3. Oilfield_Mafia

    What Are Your Daily Drivers?

    Heres my daily driver.. That was at a Diesel party I threw at my house last October.. and before I put the 6" stack in the bed.. Here is a more recent pic with the stack in the bed 07 Classic Chevy Silverado 4 door, 4x4 LBZ Duramax with a few mods..
  4. Oilfield_Mafia

    Boogieville in Arkansas?

    I just came back from The Boogieville Harescramble. It was my first race on a brand new bike. The course was 5.7-6.1 miles depending on some of the splits. There was about 150 riders I think. I went with Corgills Motorsports out of Poteau, OK and we had a great time. We ran the fun class, because 3 out of 4 of us are very new riders. Next time you wanna go, gimmie a shout and we can meet up there. Its great riding!