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  1. yardape

    2011 CRF250R Mods Review

    can a stock air filter work in the Tassinari Air4orce tunable intake? (Remapped ECM by Eddie Sisneros), how much was the total cost on this? Thank you
  2. Has anyone tried this. They are asking $699.95 for it over at Tokyomods. Does anyone have experience or a better suggestion , even a cheaper price?
  3. yardape


    Hello all!, Has anyone ever had any trouble with Langcourt? I sent them the jug for my nephew's 05 YZ125, they did the chrome coating inside and out. Last night his bike's motor went goodbye during a practice run and when he got home and took the motor apart the chrome was chipped off a bunch on the inside. Langcourt in Alabama was much easier to work with last year but now they have a new technician and she is a little bit harder to deal with. Are they good about warranties and such? Thank you as any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :lol:
  4. YZ 125 05 model, looking to find out if anyone has used this and if there are any recommendations for the flywheel weight. Interested in getting one for my bike.
  5. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    This is all I have been able to find so far. Just thought I would let you know in case one of you guys might be able to find or request the rules. The facebook account is I40-mx.
  6. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    Thanks, I am going to try to see if they can produce some rules, they said its on the website but I have not found anything yet.
  7. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    I wish we could see a copy of their weekly records and stats. I know after every race he would go up to the booth and get his points and write them down just in case. It just sucks to be told last week your in first with 211 and then last night they say a new rule says take off two races and you go down to 174 and this other guy is number one just like that.
  8. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    The Volunteer State Championship Series motocross races, that is what is on all the awards also.
  9. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    Yes he is friends of the owners. This championship has been at the I-40 motocross track in Lenoir City, TN. I hate to complain but how disappointing it is to find out your points disappeared and you are no longer in first place. At least they kept up with the points or they may not have found out. They kid that had someone else wearing his uniform that night should have been banned for the season.
  10. yardape

    HELP, cheated on Points!

    Last weekend the kid got caught with someone else riding for him, for whatever reason , he was disqualified. Because the person that cheated one race and had a bad wreck the week before, is why they took two races off everyone, but this did not hurt him because of the wreck and disqualification anyway. It did hurt everyone else! This has never happened at the track before according two the other riders. I guess it is the price you pay for not being AMA certified or at a AMA sanctioned track.
  11. Hello My nephew was racing at I-40 motocross this past season with 211 points, he was the current leader, then this past weekend they knocked him down to 174 because they said they took away 2 races per rider and put in second? Is there anything we can do since the track is not AMA sanctioned? They gave the points leader to someone that was caught cheating last weekend. He had someone wearing his uniform race for him. They did not take two races off him and made him points leader. Can we do anything about this, I mean we spent $55 a weekend to get inn and even when my nephew was sick he never missed just to keep his lead in points to make sure he got the championship. He was shocked last night to learn they took those points off and said it was in the rules that they could not provide for me.
  12. yardape

    Turner Hot launch

    I checked on those and they are for differant bikes and also from Motosport. There has to be a place on earth other than Motosport to find the Turner brand. If you hear anything just drop me a message. Thank you.
  13. yardape

    Turner Hot launch

    Does anyone know where I can get the Turner Hot Launch for my 04 CRF250R? Motosport was the only place I could find and they are out until March 10!