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  1. i have an 07 i was riding it the other day and i just lost spark. i have tested everything but the cdi box and all checks out good. it will spark once in a while after kicking for 5 minutes but thats about it. any suggestions?
  2. i am Looking at possible torn meniscus surgrey. What happeneds to be the recovery time?
  3. Clutch most likely if its reving the same
  4. yaa i guess thats my next step
  5. alright well my mechanic took my bike and looked at it and says everything checks out good so hes thinking the cdi box is the culprit but its kind of hard to order one with knowing for sure because you cant return them and they are 300$....is there a way to test cdi boxes?
  6. hmmm i dont know... my mechanics coming over tonight and we are retesting everything i will let you know how it goes
  7. bought a whole new stator assembly everything that goes inside the cover also...i have noo clue what t do the next step is out to the shop to have some person stare at it for 70.00 an hour
  8. no the timing is fine and key is still in
  9. yes of course i got a new spark plug...and i checked the kill switch and it seems to be fine..but i unplugged and still same deal no spark
  10. have an 07 was running great this spring then just shut off...ever since then i bought a new cdi new coil and new stator and had the harness tested but still wont get spark... im in the dark here have no clue what to think any sggestions??
  11. maesured the harness all good...cdi had no readings..coil and stator checked all good...so cdi it is
  12. were you looking at the one for an 06 for sale on ebay because theres one there?
  13. id have ti say thats a good running bike at 120 hours
  14. ......
  15. ya well in my putzing aound today i got it to start ..dont know how..33 kicks is what it took it ran and idled a little lopey..then i rode it was cutting in and out like crazy and then just shut off again