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  1. I bought my stock 09 crf 250r for 6000... If this bike was out at the time i would've definitely bought this. Thats a great price
  2. same thing happens with my decal backrounds
  3. or u can buy mine
  4. Hey my chain is looking really dirty and im having a really hard time cleaning it. Whats the best way to clean your chain and have it looking really good.
  5. How long does the paint on letters last for ? 2 rides ?
  6. Anyone else ???
  7. anyone else ????
  8. Hey I have a stock 2009 CRF250R that Im looking to put up for sale. How much do you think the bike is worth? No problems with it, no scratches and starts up all the time. Oil changed regularly, always maintained.
  9. I sold my klx 140l last year and stepped up to a crf250r. Its a big step but ur ganna get the hang of it really fast. Its not scary if thats what your thinking. I would definitely make the switch if I were you. Just make sure u maintenance the bike.
  10. This must be some kind of joke, im ganna figure this out
  11. Looks great. I woulnt change anything. Btw what the thing on your rear fender covering some of the sponsors ?
  12. damn. hope u find it. i couldn't imagine what i what do if my bike got stolen
  13. I pretty sure you automatically win cause of that sick mustang
  14. When you break your collarbone the bone sticks out of your body for the rest of your life. You could've broke it but I dont think so because the pain would be crazy. When I broke my collarbone the pain was crazy I coulnt raise my arm at all.