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  1. beechkingd

    Cylinder stuck to crankcase....

    None of the other engines that I've ever worked on had the cylinder bolted to the case.
  2. beechkingd

    Cylinder stuck to crankcase....

    Ha! look whats under the head gasket.... Bolts... Well I'm a dumb ass! Thanks
  3. Title says it all, I've been trying to get the cylinder off my XR400 for a couple of hours and it won't budge. I've tried beating it with a very large dead blow until my arms hurt. Pried on it with a four foot bar and broke several cooling fins off. It's not moving! Should I try heating it with a propane torch, or fab up some kind of puller?
  4. beechkingd

    FMF Q for 03 xr400?

    I have the newest one (Q4?) and it sounds much better then the "Gordon" modified stock can my XR4 came with IMO. It's about the same noise wise, but a cleaner less raspy sound.
  5. beechkingd

    Warm idle problem with older XR250R

    Vacuum leak maybe?
  6. beechkingd

    XR 400 Speedometer???

    I just use a wireless Bell bike speedometer. It was about $20 at walmart, and works good up to about 60mph.
  7. Get a hose and see if you can find whats shorting out.
  8. beechkingd

    xr400 starts hard

    Checked your valve clearance lately? I read it on here a while ago, I don't know why but I readjusted mine and it's much easier to start now. From cold I turn the idle screw in 1 turn and fully close the choke. Kick it through with the kill switch on for 3 compression strokes and then kick it once with the kill on run and it starts every time now.
  9. beechkingd

    Bad wheels. What do I do now?

    If you can find some locktite #680 it might hold the bearing in the hub. It is for bonding bushings into metal. As long as it is some what tight it should work. You may have to order it online though its not something you find at an auto parts store.
  10. beechkingd

    Can 17" CBR wheels be adapted to the XR400?

    The F2 and F3 axles are both thicker then my 04 XR4 axles. I don't have a micrometer at home to measure the difference with though. I don't know if you could get different bearings with a smaller diameter or some sort of spacer to make up the gaps. It would be cool if they fit though I have a lot of F2/3 spares around.
  11. beechkingd

    False neutral & occasionally missing 5th - XR4

    Is your clutch starting to slip? A lot of times I've had clutches on there way out result in false neutrals when clutchless upshifting. Are you using a low vicosity car oil?
  12. I just bought my XR400, it shares the garage my street bike, a '89 Hawk GT, and two bikes I use on the track with Wera and Nesba, an '05 GSXR750 and a '93 CBR 600F2. I have an '86 Atc 200x in the shed that's buried under some stuff too.