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  1. greetings everyone. First post here =] I just test drove a 2004 sxc 625 a few hours ago, and I think I'm moving on it tomorrow. It has the KTM factory street wheels and light kit from what I can tell (along with a few other aftermarket tidbits). Stock wheels are included in the deal, along with the orig. brakes and sprocket. it seems like a bargin at $4.5k from what i've seen them going for since it has under 2500 miles. The ONE thing i'm a little concerened with is that it needs new tires, but the old ones have been shaved down on one side to fit inside the swing arm. I think he said they were 160's fitted on a 5" rim. sound right? I just need a little advice on what to do here. I love the way the profile of that tire feels on my Monster, and since the SXC needs new rubber I will be fitting Pilot Power CTs. Does this sound like a good deal? What about the tires, how do I get them to fit? What are the main differences between the smc and the sxc? Thanks!!