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  1. I do not think that it has been so unconscious and irresponsible. The road was empty! Hope you have no enemies:ride:
  2. It´s never too late to buy and fully enjoy a funny bike like this. The wheelie part it´s just a matther of practice and keep secret from your kids. Who wants to have an irresponsible dad?? The guy from the video have some skilles, but i just think he is risking to much! Thanks for the reply. Enjoy
  3. Thanks men!! Camera mount is the easiest part:thumbsup:
  4. My way is safe if you use a plastic bolt:thumbsup:.
  5. The bolt is in fact dangerous, because is stell, not plastic as the original one. The rest is the quotidian day!! But i respect you opinion, and i know that´s superfluous maneuver. I just like it, and all i can do is minimize the risks. Sorry my poor english.
  6. I´m an amateur!! I do what i can..The movie was filmed and "edited" in 1 day. Next time I will think a better way!
  7. All you could hear was the wind sound:bonk:. Better Sting insted:thumbsup: