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  1. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    I don't remember the dowels being there. I will check to see if they walked away.
  2. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    I like using a little RTV to hold the gasket in place when they are big like that. To make things worse it tore and really wanted to move around. It got messy. Ordering a new one since it is open. In additional to what was suggested, I keep wondering if the problem I had in removing the trans gears could be preventing it from shifting into neutral. I am gonna pull the engine this weekend and take off the other case cover and try and remove the trans again. I will post more pics and updates on Tuesday.
  3. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    Yep, it all looked good per the manual. Everything there and in the correct order. I tested the shift lever before I pulled it out and it seemed to work correctly other than not going into neutral.
  4. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

  5. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    OK, I took the case cover off and I didn't notice and issues. Here are the pics.
  6. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    Whinning on the internet works! Now I have a nice list of places to look. I never would have guessed the dowels, but it make sense. I remember putting them back in, but I will check for damage or make sure they stayed in. Tear down is Saturday afternoon. I will post pics on Tuesday. Thanks everyone.
  7. Gary_01YZ250

    ‘96 xr200 build... sorta

    So I have two XR200 that I am about to swap out some CR125 front and rear forks/swing arms so my question is why CRF150? I seems like the rim size would be too small. You want an even size or slightly larger front tire but that one pic it looks like the front tire is actually smaller. my 87 XR200 has a 21" front and a 17" rear which Honada did for improved handling.
  8. Gary_01YZ250

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    I would if I was you. If you can find it for that price. "Worth doing for $$" questions kind of depend on your wallet. I love XR200s. Mine are all stock and work well for what we use it for (tight MI trails). Which is kind of what most people have been saying. I would never drop more than $800 into one for improvements.
  9. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    Yes, I have spark. No, I didn't clean the electrical connectors. Yes, spent quite a bit of time on these to ensure .0007" BTDC was perfect. Yes, the key is back in. Yes, I removed them and hopefully reinstalled correctly. Those damn small springs were a challenge and I am a bit suspicious now that it wont go into neutral. That damn thing wouldn't move for nothing. Spins nicely, but not coming loose. Sorry, Hot Cams, yes. Dogs and chickens. I don't collect humans. Always vote and believe everyone should. Neither now. Never watched soccer. Rifle I know I butchered the reassembly and put stuff back wrong. Otherwise it would work. Troubleshooting this issue is the real challenge. If I took the engine completely apart this weekend and put it back together and everything worked, I would not learned anything. Because I don't know what I did wrong. So looking at the manual wont help. It would be a bunch of "yes I did that" and "yes I remember that". I tried to sound encouraging and not whinny in my last post, but clearly it didn't come across that way. The trans spun fine before I put the case cover back on. I will post some photos after the weekend and see whats what.
  10. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    I have the manual and videos, but clearly something went wrong somewhere during the reassembly. I was hoping for some direction to a particular area. Anyone have any idea on where to start looking considering it doesn't start or shift into neutral? My first guess is the shift lever(rod?) that goes through the engine. C'mon guys, no one has a clue? Really? People come to this site to share advice and experience. If all we ever do is say "read the manual" you are not really helping. I can always take it back apart and put it back together and hope for the best. Waste some gaskets along the way. But I know some of you have done this before and learned some lessons. No clues?
  11. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    Yeah, I watched and followed all three. I just didn't pull the transmission. You can actually see one of the three screws I reference in that picture.
  12. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    I used the Rocky Mountain ATV video as a guide while I disassembled the engine. After I removed the case cover the transmission didn't fall out of the engine case. I noticed three screws to the left of the transmission, seated against the rear wall of the case. I tried removing them but they wouldn't budge. I assumed they were retraining the transmission. Since I know the connecting rod seized and slightly gouged the bottom of the case, my plan was just to replace the main bearings, piston, and bottom. I can take a picture, but I have to take the casing off again.
  13. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    Nah, I used some wood to lift the casing off the bench when doing one side. The other side didn't have any issue. I tried removing the trans gears but the screws holding it in would turn. I couldn't reach them with the impact driver, breakaway didn't work, and I tried heat as well.
  14. Gary_01YZ250

    Engine Rebuild Help Needed YZ250

    I just rebuilt my 2001 YZ250 2 stroke and I am having issues. The bike wont start and I can't get it into neutral. Any suggestions on how I can start troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated. I installed a Hot Cams bottom end and a Namura top end. I didn't take the transmission out when I split the cases so I am guessing the neutral shifting issue has something to do with the gears on the opposite side of the engine. It seems to shift through the gears just not into neutral. I also plan to pressure test the engine to see if that can tell me something but I don't have a gauge yet.
  15. Gary_01YZ250

    New to me YZ 250

    I have the same bike one year later (01), it is a great bike. Love it 17 years later. Never had a problem kick starting it. The only thing I would add is an aftermarket kickstand. Don't get the one that attaches to the swing arm. There is one the hooks to some bolts near the foot peg. Its cheap and I don't trust it to kickstart on, but it will hold the bike up instead of leaning on a tree. The swing arm one scratches up the arm. I ride mine around the Atlanta, Michigan area. Another thing I would do, make sure the carb is stock. I had mine re-jetted and it killed my range. Putting it back this winter.