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  1. Gary_01YZ250

    Cracked Bottom End - Need Assistance

    Considering it is just cracked, doesn't have a large hole, and isn't under compression right there, JB Weld should work. I would think the bike starts and idles fine right now. Is that true?
  2. Gary_01YZ250

    Question about YZ250 Cylinder and Piston

    I liked the idea of doing the bottom end too. At the very least, look for the missing bits that may have ended up down there. I would hate for you to get it back together and have foreign material cause another repair. I just did a complete rebuild on my yz250. I had to spend a couple hundred in tools I didn't have and that cost plus the cost of new parts was about the same a good repair shop would have charged. Lots of video on how to do it are available on youtube. Two strokes are easier and I learned a lot.
  3. Gary_01YZ250

    First bike for a kid

    I went the same route Ben did, after the 110, I moved mine into a KTM 85cc two stroke. Then to an old Honda XR 200 cc four stroke and quickly a 125cc Two stroke. The hardest part was the 110 shifted N -1 -2 and so on. The everything else was 1 - N- 2 and so on.
  4. Gary_01YZ250

    What is the best bike for me?

    If I was buying brand new (I usually buy something someone else broke for the discount), I would buy a KTM. I know they are pricier, but you get what you pay for in my opinion. Particularly on the trails. They are everywhere here in Michigan.
  5. Gary_01YZ250

    2 stroke bike to put around on

    Vette First off, do worry about the labels. It seems these people are getting way too hung up on it. Second, I do like the 200 cc and up non-mx four strokes. The maintenance is reasonable and the fun factor to dollar is huge on these bikes. You can do trail riding and some short dual sport rides too. Big upside on these bikes. Great range. I also like the 125cc two strokes. The powerband isn't great, not enough bottom end, but light fun bikes and they seem to be everywhere. Sounds like you will be riding with other people, you might want to use that as a guide. The 85cc was never gonna work.
  6. Gary_01YZ250

    95 XR2502R Dual Sport Head Lamp Question

    As a follow-up, it is the LED setup running off of a battery. Just the brake light, blinkers, horn, and plate light.
  7. I just purchased a 1995 Honda XR250R and the previous owner started the conversion to dual sport minus the tires (DOT approved) and head lamp (hi and low beams). It looks like he bought the Tusk Kit that included everything except the head lamp. My question, is there a two stage light bulb I can drop into the stock plastic and hook up to the switch on the bar? Looking for something simple. I don't mess with the bike wiring a lot.
  8. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM 125 Stator Setting

    Opposite the clutch cover side is a few components where the clutch cable enters the casing. To pull and inspect those components, you have to pull the flywheel.
  9. Gary_01YZ250

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    That YZ looked awfully clean for all the damage the guy did to it.
  10. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM 125 Stator Setting

    While I am on the topic. It seems my flywheel and stator are stuck together. I haven't tried to separate them and since the flywheel is aligned with the woodruff key on the cam rod, it doesn't seem like I have a lot of options. FYI, the bike was starting and running fine before I pulled parts off to mess with the clutch.
  11. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM 125 Stator Setting

    I have been dealing with a clutch issue and pulled the stator and flywheel to remove a few clutch components. I am reassembling them now and I was wondering if I need to set the stator at a specific setting in regards to the TDC. The manual I have says nothing on the subject other than alignment the marks on the stator and the casing. I am hoping I did create a new problem while fixing an older one. For clarification, my 2001 YZ250 says basically, align the marks then adjust to 0.007 BTDC (using a dial indicator and rest). I don't know where to set it on the RM 125. I don't imagine it would be the same. Thanks
  12. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM125 Clutch Issue

    OK, here is where I stand. There doesn't seem to be any damaged/missing parts and I am already using light weight oil (ClutchSaver 10W30). So I am going to reinstall all the components and torque the spring bolts carefully. I am concerned I may be over torqueing them preventing the clutch plates from separating thus keeping the engine in drive basically. If this fails to solve the issue, I am going to add a washer between parts #16 and #14 (shown above). This would give me a little more travel when engaging the clutch lever aiding in disengaging the clutch. I am also going to set the clutch cable adjustment bolt to a middle position (halfway between shortest and longest length). This will give me some adjustment for wear in the future. I hope to begin this trial next weekend. Any comments are always appreciated.
  13. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM125 Clutch Issue

    I haven't pulled that side off yet. I am hoping for something that looks obvious, but afraid I will end up just replacing parts until the problem goes away. I am guessing you think its likely the arm?
  14. Gary_01YZ250

    2014 kx450 air leak

    I took the bike in to a local shop because I didn't want to tear another bike down during riding season. Cost me $340 to rebuild both forks. I had blown the seal and bearings.
  15. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM125 Clutch Issue

    I have a RM125 and it has had consistent clutch issues since I purchased it. It seemed like the cable was worn. You couldn't adjust it properly where the lever had a slight looseness and a slight two finger pull engaged the clutch. You had to pull the lever all the way to the bar. I replaced the clutch cable without much improvement. I just installed a new cable(in case the previous new cable was bad) and new plates. Still the same problem. I am about the tear into the engine and take the basket off looking for some type of damage. Maybe start replacing components if I can't find some sort of witness mark. Any suggestions before I spend more money would be very helpful.