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  1. I went to get lunch on the pig today and when I got to the Taco Bell, I realized that the custom mounted CBR 1000 undertail that I have had on it for about 2 years now has a giant crack running up the weld close to the subframe rail. Note to anyone thinking about this (awesome looking) mod, hard mounting it will eventually lead to this :/
  2. Yes they are the OE forks but the caliper is from a CBR 929, 4 piston I think. The wheels are from an SV650 Suzuki so I'm not real sure at the moment what the measurement is on the rotors. I milled a bracket that bolts to the forks and kind of relocates the caliper to accommodate the different rotor. The biggest bang for the buck improvement I have made thus far however was putting on the radial master cylinder. If you haven't considered this yet look into it, it got rid of nearly all of the pulsing and there is no more catching in the middle of braking, just smooth as silk. I'll look tomorrow and see what size the rotor is to compare to your setup:thumbsup:
  3. I finally got my front end back together yesterday, sorry about the crappy nature of the pictures but it was raining outside. I cut about 2" off of the stock spring and then put in a 3.5" spacer to stiffen up the front end and keep the forks from topping or bottoming out for better street handling. 6% higher compression rate with about 1.5" of spacing over the stock spring.
  4. Thanks! I just cleaned them up today, they were nasty from riding in the rain last week. I picked up some fork-sized-pvc today at the home depot to stiffen up the front end and keep it from diving so bad under braking. It hurts to commit it so indefinitely to the street but i guess that's it's element now.
  5. I haven't posted here in quite a while and I had forgotten how much I loved seeing what fellor BRP owners like to do with their bikes until I got an email update this morning from the thread subscription. Here's a few pics of how my baby has progressed in the last few years, leading up to current and on-going mods. It would be insulting to all of you to simply start with a picture of a stock XR so I begin here. Acerbi's bikini fender, FMF powerbomb header, Pro-Billet Tail rack modified from a WR yamaha and Hi-point Forged wheels adapted from an SV650 setup. From there we went with a 2 mm over bore to give it some more spirit and a tail light from a 05 Gsx-r 750, an Hid headlight to replace the stock candle, pulled from an Acura TL (still a honda though, right ) A Trailtech Vapor gauge, a trip into the paint room for the side covers for some magnesium-esque styling and an underseat exhaust from a CBR 1000. The next round of mods began last wednesday with me pulling the forks off to send off to powder to go a gloss black color. While the front end is apart tomorrow I'm going to install some new brake pads in the 929 calipers and instal the radial master cylinder I picked up from a 2006 Gsx-r 1000. I already have some billet CRG levers to fit that and the new clutch perch I just adapted from a 02' Gsx-r. You can kinda see the levers in the last picture. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!
  6. I just cleaned her up. It's been about 3 weeks since I finished all of the engine work on it and I have already put about 500 miles on her. I love this motorcycle, I have dealer liscence plates through my shop and access to over thirty motorcycles, ranging from twins to parallels to 4's and nothing...NOTHING is as fun to ride as this bike. I'm glad out of all of those bikes, this is my personal one. Proud parent? That's me on the right, and my dad and sister
  7. well, scratch that, the turn signals in the front are actually from a 929 honda and they work MUCH beter than the GSXR equivalent.
  8. Like Cocky Rooster said, it is an 05' 1000 Exhaust pipe but fixing up a midpipe for it was the least of my worries:bonk: . We had to cut off parts of the exhaust on the sides to fit it up into the sub frame of the L and beleive it or not that meant hacking through some titanium . The side covers were painted with a paint color matched to the Magnesium colored CBR600F4i covers. I had recently fixed some scratches on an F4 and had some paint left over:thumbsup: All of the paint work on the bike was done myself so i guess scratching it is of no concern, as i could do it again if something bad happened. The headlight is an acerbis bikini fairing with an Acura TL HID unit fit to it. All Turn signals are from a GSXR and the Brake light us a Hybrid that We made by cutting down the stock rear fender and duct taping (haha, just kidding) a tail light from a GSXR 1000. The wiring in the tail is protected by heat wrap and welting to ensure it does not melt (i hope). The wheels are forged aluminum Hi-Point wheels. 3rd day on it and i've already put 125 miles on it! Here's to another long, healthy relationship
  9. Here are the pictures I promised. My baby's finally done and I've already put about 100 miles on her in a day.
  10. SHE'S DONE!!! sorry about the caps, I am pretty excited. We finished the rebuild from a rolling chassis all the way to pulling 4th gear wheelies in about 4 or 5 hours this afternoon. The main hold up was priming the oil pump (as this was part of the initial meltdown in the first place.) I'll be posting pictures tomorrow because we finished her to late today for good pictures
  11. Wow, looks lke it was that kid's grandma's car. Pitiful that people can be so Stupid. Such an awesome quote, for real though! And to have the police officer tell you the news that you straightened his a$$ out! priceless. Get well soon dude, your sure in my prayers
  12. Finished my Rebuild! it's been in the works for about 5 months now since i melted the last piston that was in it (by the way if you ever take the side covers off, don't forget to prime the oil pump. Who knew?). Any way she's a real beauty. I can't take pics at night to show you but you can bet they'll be out here in the next few days. To see pre completion pics, I got a thread up from a few days ago called My SuMo 650.
  13. cleaned up the wheels. polish is harder to keep clean but worth it.
  14. I know what you mean about covering the tag on the web. Don't quite get it. I can't find the original pics but it was pretty much stock with the OEM Honda mud and grime all over, so you can imagine. The wheels are Forged aluminum Hi point wheels. they were a bitch to mount up but they are extremely light weight. the tires Michelin Pilot Powers. The can is from a CBR 1000. the headlight is an HID unit adapted from an Acura TL. the tail light is the stock XR fender cut down and integrated in with an 05' GSXR taillight.
  15. Some where I have pics of the before, I'll see if I can't find em'. I painted the tank myself one day for practice cause I was bored the engine is soooo close to completion and once it is in I will be off to the races. I can't wait