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    Replacing KX 250 jack shaft

    All, I have a 1998 KX 250 with a (now) broken jack shaft. I've read the manual, and looked at the fiche. the shaft is splined on both ends, but the far end (away from the kicker) has a bolt and washer in the fiche. I'm not clear on how to get to the other side of that shaft. Also, is this something I can do in the garage without specialty tools? I'm a fairly good wrench, but I have nothing in the garage beside hand tools. Thanks!
  2. Get a camel-back and continuously hydrate. You'll last ALOT longer in the heat and you don't have to stop to get a drink! I fill mine with ice, add water and leave the pack in the fridge overnight. It's good for 4-5 hours of ice cold water.
  3. 1998KX250

    Are there "better" years for the XR250R?

    You do have a dilemna. There is no way I would consider putitng my 5'7" 13 year old on a n XR250. Physically it's way too big. In the event he falls, or even stalls in the woods or dunes or whereever, how is he going to get back on it and kick it? If you're hell bent on it, at least get him a CRF250x so he's got a push button starter....
  4. 1998KX250

    Anxiety about off road riding

    I don't worry about getting hurt. I think worying about it will make me make the wrong decisions. Unless you're riding over your ability, just STOP riding when you're tired. That's when the mistakes and injuries happen.