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  1. I just bought an almost new 03 YZ 250 going to install new fork seals, how much oil do I use? Thanks
  2. JayC that is so funny, about marriage you made me spit my coke out! Anyways yeah I got roosted by a 450 with a rock the size of a golf ball on the head of my uhm soilder I let go of the bike at speed wadded up and got hurt but couldnt tell anything else was hurt but my jimmy. Since then I've been wearing shock doctor shorts.

    what did you do to your cr today

    Mixed gas for her. Adjusted the chain Installed a new air filter Changed the oil I need to replace one seat bolt and adjust the power valve cables She was in my hotel room with me this weekend so I admired her.

    02 cr250 bogging down low

    I'm running a 37.5 pilot, needle clip second position a 370-380 main Also adjust your power valve cables Lastley I'd run a hotter plug try an 8

    03 CR250 Scramble Project

    You have the Gnarly confused, it doesnt mean any difference in power The Gnarly is thicker, more resistant to rock and crash damage.

    Top end time 2006 cr250

    Detonation has nothing to do with the state of your piston and rings. It has to do with low octane low lead 10% Ethanol pump gas= Shiet Get a race shop to cut he head, (lower) to increase compression then then Run C-12 you can cut it a little if you want with pump but I run straight blue gas in mine. I used to get damage to my head and the tops of my pistons because of detonation. Never stopped untill I did the mods and the C-12

    What does RC Valve stand for?

    Re Adjust Constantly! A good tip is to remove the cover. Take a screw driver and push the cable toward the case out wards, if the cable can touch the sides you have the cables too loose. Tighten them up and get the powervalve opening quickly! The throw isnt far on the power valve so it wont open and close fully if there is slack in the cables. This needs to be checked frequently. So Readjust Constantly... I'll bet your cables are loose, it only takes 10 minutes to get some power back.

    00-01 vs. 02-07 CR250 Help me choose!

    Rot Box you really did very well. Do yourself a favor and have good suspension tech dial in your forks and you will live happily ever after

    00-01 vs. 02-07 CR250 Help me choose!

    I've had 2000 2001 2002 2006 CR 250 What guys are mentioning about the power on the 2000-2001 CR is this the power valve opens faster than the RC 2002-2007 bikes. Yes the 2001 has more grunt do to the non case reed motor. But the forks may as well be 4x4's they suck and will beat you to a pulp. What ever you do revalve the forks you will think God came down from heaven and gave you a new bike (trust me the stock forks are that bad) Springs and stock valving on an 02 CR are for KING KONG However, because Ricky Charmiceal said he loved the 02 best of all his bikes I found a new 02 (dont ask me how) and I spent 300 dollars for porting and head mods to improve the h.p. plus cut the slide. got the suspension revalved 300 and Now my 02 is the best bike I've ever had its bullet proof all CR's are Its always ready to go, except race gas is $$$ Moral of the story is buy the newest bike you can find. Look in Vegas dudes are practically giving good bikes away out here!

    Where for wiseco

    Zig 06 has good info. I'm a CR guy and always had luck with stocker. When I rode KTM you have to go Weisco becuase the stocker is $300
  11. Ok my brother and I are finally racing Mammoth next week. We will both be racing Stock CRF 450's. Mine is an 05 his is an 06. I have no idea what jets to run for the 8,000ft alt. My bike is set up for sea level hot as hell Texas weather. Please help. I don't want to experiment. If anyone knows exactly what to run, I'd be much obliged. Thank you. Sean Kirby