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  1. The later year models had these seats, and if you notice, also the front fender brackets and the bracket/brace in front of the engine.
  2. Original fit are not available anymore. I got mine from an EBay seller and it went to around $45 USD (lamp only). You can get similar style lamps through Japan if you are willing to do a bit of mod on the lamp case. Unfortunately one of the few parts that are very hard to find. But if you get an antique plate for street riding, headlight operation is exempt anyway....FYI.
  3. The answer is "no"
  4. Man, I think the yellow bikes look great. You had a very lucky find. Look >> even the deer likes it.
  5. hawaiidirtrider >>> My first bike was a Honda Mini-Trail 50 at age 11. I read your post and can't even imagine how amazing it would have been to be into this as a kid in HAWAII !!!! Trails through pineapple I've been to most all the islands a few times, now I'm thinking about what Molokai would have been like in the 70s with a little dirt bike. Enjoy riding again on your beautiful trails.
  6. I'll be 53 in a couple of weeks. I just finished rebuilding and customizing my '73 Suzuki RV-90 which was in rusted and corroded pieces in the basement. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got back on the road (with an antique plate, of course !) I would go off-road again, but I just don't want to mess it up.
  7. "Super carb tuning" info in this manual....kinda interesting, check it out....
  8. You can still buy some parts (complete carb, seat are available for sure).... My investment was small. But these bikes are unique and very cool. It's up to you what you want to spend. Now that I am riding it again after many years, I can say I had forgotten how much fun they are. They are made for beach and off-road more than street. Find new OEM parts here and check prices...
  9. I would look at 3 things to troubleshoot spark...... 1) Plug (of course) 2) Plug wire / coil (Is the contact inside the rubber having full contact with the plug ?) If these don't work, then there could possibly be a wire off inside engine case (magneto). Hope it's that easy for you. From here, you may have to get into more serious issues like the flywheel magneto. Let's hope not. Good luck. Thanks for the comments about my bike!
  10. WooHoooo. my '73 is all done. If anyone may be interested, here are a few photos. (Lighting is off, looks red, but it is metallic firemist orange and gold)
  11. The first thing I would suspect is the contacts inside the ignition switch. Mine were corroded from age, yours may be messed up from the screwdriver. Use a voltmeter to check wires coming out on 2nd (headlamp) setting. That would be the first place to start troubleshooting this problem. Don't lose the 2 small ball bearings if you decide to open that switch! It's a touchy job!
  12. I had to pick up a 6V charger. The battery will discharge quickly if used when the bike is not running to keep the charge up. You should be getting close to 6V from the battery for the horn, turn signals, and taillight. No headlight tho, unless the bike is running. Got a cheap 12v / 6V charger for $19.99 at a lawn & garden center
  13. Battery does not need a full charge to start the bike, but key must be on. Headlight (only) runs off flywheel magneto, so the bike must be running for headlight to come on. All others (taillight, horn, brake light, turn signals) will come on from the battery. But battery must have a good charge for that and will drain quickly if bike is not running.
  14. I wish I had it in Australia when I was a kid !! At age 15 I was abusing it through many miles of wooded trails at my home. It goes over and climbs anything. I beat it to the max and it never let me down. 36 years later I'm doctoring up the old bruises.
  15. Hi all. I am finishing a total custom rebuild of my '73 Suzuki RV90. I've learned a lot, so if anyone needs some advice or sources, I would be glad to help. I bought this bike in '73 and it has been stored in my basement since 1980. I tore it completely apart early 2008. It has been great fun with a few major challenges. I realize how unique and great these little bikes are and anyone who owns one can feel special. Stu Barnhart