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  1. NP, no rush
  2. Thx for your reply great info,Im thinking the key I was missing was the eating I tend not to eat.
  3. Theres 2 screns you should clean.1) Trans, 1x a season unless your really hard on the bike 2) the oil screen located t the bottom of resovour tube I like to clean mine every oil change as I race lots and am pretty anal bout taking care of my bike.
  4. interesting,my 99xr250r wheelies in any gear even though a wheely in 3rd is all you need.Im running 13/49 sproks plenty o power.Im thinking jetting.
  5. actually Im thinking its made for your ride,as it has some sort of aftermarket aluminum flange attached. if ya can't get this pic email me at, cheap is 75$ plus shipping.Also it comes with a few jets.
  6. I have a mikuni 34mm flat side for sale, cheap,interested?
  7. I use a laser level for mine. I set it on my foot peg make sure its level and its no guesser.
  8. I just read your post, I just installed my first oring chain man what a pain.Your right it does sit a little closer then normal chains.I also found that it was stiff, was yours?I wrote to RK and they said it was normal.My first ride is tomorow with the chain I'll check my case for sure.Glad you mentioned this as Im more comfy with a non oring.
  9. if you use concentrated fruit juices the kind you make with water does that count as water?
  10. would any sort of vitamins help with the exhaustion part?
  11. would hydration help with the neusia feeling.Im thinking of stretchiing as well, I don't have the money to join a gym and I figure at 41 Im in good shape(I build large coms towers,lots o climbing).But still feel the malaise at times when Im riding.Im recovering from a torn meniscus so running is painfull, any suggestions on aerobic training? and thx all for your replies its a huge help to me.
  12. tried that as well, I tried a red bull and the crash suked.Do you think electrlitic replacement is the key?
  13. I was out the other day and couldn't get hydrated again lost all energy thought I was going to be sick to my stomach.I was thinking other then exhaustion it be a hydration problem.I was wandering what I could drink or eat to solve this problem and when to do so, befor,during, a huge ride? (drank alot of H20 befor the ride)
  14. Thx, appreciated
  15. Thx all,