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  1. wblake

    16 batteries

    Hi guys, did any one of you had blowing fuses or dead battery problems during use with the stock 16 batteries? We had a couple of issues with new bikes and wondering if it will go away with a new bigger capacity battery....
  2. let us know what you find , a couple of people here are blowing fuses and a dead battery during race , one this week and one before xmas different bikes! both 16' husqys thow
  3. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    if too much damping is added or airspring is holding the fork up in the stroke that force needs to be overcome to move! i dont know if your losing compliance! i remember from one off our conversations we concluded that at the end off the day different tunes move the damping or bleed around to suit how they want the forks to behave! ex..some remove completely the sub valve on a kyb and some use it for the same track and conditions! Thats why i believe the Huck gives you another tuning aspect to use! i never said though it was for the beginning of the stroke , i refered to mid stroke travel....mx has bumbs also
  4. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    yes Flo, you would change you initial setup, you get an extra speed sensitive area you can tune on....you have a more tunable fork! i dont want to use words like progressive, degressive and so on because everyone understands them differently..... BUT i believe you can alter the damping curve differently, and sure bottoming is not the same
  5. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    Main thing may be what feeling your after from the forks! If you want feedback or not and inevitably if you choose to tune with the Air spring! Some heavier or faster guys need that more than others and could be a point to make
  6. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    IMO With the Huck you get go use less oil in the fork since you dont worry about bottoming, that's the main advantage! Mid stroke bumbs and whoops get better! Also pounding the ground from some jumps is not an issue
  7. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    yes, but still a bit different!....i guess you have to test both to see the differences if any, between them
  8. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    i belive the huck is more than that...even though both give a speed sensitive tuning to the fork.... the huck accepts the cartridge lock collar as a tratitional bottoming hysralic with a speed sensitive function! its a different fee (plusher)l to a traditional fork over the last 3 inches of travel....i believe it saves a lot off energy for the rider
  9. wblake

    WP CC Forks (N10Z or SSS)

    you can have good results with the cc forks if you go the mx tech route get the subvalves and you will have as good as any!
  10. wblake

    Old bike rear shocks

    you usually go eye to eye! but you have to measure the stroke also to have the same geometry when on the bike
  11. wblake


    what mod do u do on the floating piston?
  12. wblake

    Tight fork bush

    i would think that if it was undersized by that much the bushing would not fit in the tube.... Also u said above you tried it with no lower bushing and just the upper and it was still binding!!!! Am confused...
  13. check this out http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/796455-overview-what-kind-of-forks-do-i-have
  14. wblake

    Ohlins/Andreani SP3 pump problem

    how do you like the pump up to now?.....i got the sp2 which is all manual..