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    Sprockets For Sale

    Catalytic converter on my old truck blew out. New one would have cost $2500. Had to sell my 2008 Suzuki DR650 SE to buy a new truck. So now I have some spare parts for sale. I have a 14T and 16T counter shaft sprockets. I paid around $15.00 each. (15T is stock) I have a 48T rear sprocket. I paid around $35.00. (42T is stock) I have a chain breaker. I paid around $15.00. I have a 3 link piece of 525 chain needed when using the larger sprockets. I have a master link for a 525 chain. I bought all of these items from Jesse at Kientech Engineering for around $90. All items are like new. I put maybe 200 miles on the sprockets. I don't want to sell this stuff piece meal. I wanna sell it all for $60.00 and I'll pay the shipping. I live in Breed, Wisconsin. Email me if your interested. genesis5521@yahoo.com Thanks Guys, Don <><
  2. genesis5521

    DR650 instead of Honda CRF230L?

    I'm a 64 year old x-motorcrosser. Not in to speed anymore. I looked at the little Honda 230L, the Honda 650, the Kawaie 650, and the Suzuki DR650, before purchasing a new Suzuki DR650 last year. My local dealer had all 4 of these in stock. The 650's were all the same price, $4800. And none of that set-up charge stuff. Just tax, title, and license fees. My riding is mostly fireroads (70%), and on road (30%). I'm not a rock hopper, or motorcrosser (anymore). I just enjoy riding the trails at a slow leasurely pace. I live in the Nicolet National Forest in Northern Wisconsin and am surrounded by hundreds of miles of fire roads. The little 230 would be perfect for this and I almost bought it, but I also wanted something that could take me to Alaska. The 650 Honda was way to tall and the most off-road oriented. The Kawai 650 was to heavy and the most street oriented. The DR650 splits the difference between the Kawai 650 and the Honda 650, and was the lightest one of all. The DR really is a "do-all" bike. All of these bikes are absolutely spectacular. It really boils down to how you're gonna use it and your personal preference as to which bike you like. If you go with the Suzuki DR650, you may want to lower it. All of these bikes can be lowered. Factor this in when you're negotiating the price with a dealer to have him do it. And make sure they lower it the factory approved way. I absolutely love my DR, as I'm sure the Honda and Kawie riders love their 650's. They are all great bikes. Just make sure you get the one that best fits your needs.