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    02 yz250f fouls spark plugs.

    my 01 YZ has been doing the same thing lately,,, i just got it this past summer and it has run like a champ since i got it. It doesnt smoke, idles fine and usually starts right up. But if i leave it set for a week or so i go to start it and i get nothin...put a new plug in and it fires right up. Im also thinking that i need to check the top end out this winter because the oil seeping down makes sense... good luck on your bike ill be tuning in to see what you find out
  2. Adam4hundy

    Lincoln Hills+Little Manistee Trail ride Sat. Oct. 10th

    Rode Lincoln Hills this past weekend with a group from Silver Lake Forum, had a blast!!!!! We stayed at a campground right on the trail on M37 and it works out perfectly.
  3. Hey guys, i bought my bike early to mid summer and love it so far. This is the first bike i have ever really ridden, always rode quads and three wheelers and im glad i made the switch this thing is a BLAST! But... it is an 01 and i know the top ends need to be kept up on. Im a capable mechanic and actually just tore the top end down and then had to pull it out of the frame on a buddys 05 after it went south after only a half hour from when he bought it.... my question is this winter i would like to tear it down and do anything i can to prolong this motor and also to keep me from being stranded next season...so waht should i look for? it runs great, doesnt smoke and starts perfectly...so should i just throw some rings in and if everything looks good call it a day? also it has race tech decals and this suspension barely budges when i sit on it and im 170. im guessing a big guy re-sprung it and now its way to hard for my riding which is 80% trail. do you suggest just buying some stock springs? i looked at factory connection for springs but i dont know what the stock rate is? any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks
  4. thought i would post before and after pics of the 01 i bought a while ago and finally got to get on a trail yesterday with it... before.... during.... and after...
  5. Adam4hundy

    Newb with 01 Couple Questions

    thanks guys, i think i got all the levers and plungers figured out lol. i think it starts pretty good so i would assume the valves have been checked recently do you think? also i am getting a service manual, first of many things to come lol thanks for the tips! o and also last night i noticed a click when i sit on the bike coming from somewhere near the rear shock linkage...any ideas, maybe i do just need to get the suspension serviced
  6. Adam4hundy

    Newb with 01 Couple Questions

    thanks s10 i kinda thought that was what it was but wasnt sure. and do you mix the coolant or just straight. so the lever you use when its cold and the plunger when its hot right?
  7. Hi Im new to this forum and have recently bought a 01 yz250f. Im new to the bike scene and ride and a built 416ex and recently got rid of my 250r trike. Couple questions on the bike, first on the carb, thier are what look to be two choke levers....a red and black one? fill me in plz. lol Second the rear shock is really stiff is the compression adjust on the right side canister? what coolant do you use in these bikes? the chain is severly stretched and i will be buying a new one soon, any suggestions? i will be riding mostly trails and occasionally the dunes. if their is anything else i should keep my eye out for any input would be appreciated Thanks Adam