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  1. Rockrover

    Gaerne SG-10 Sizing ?

    I found that mine run true to size. I'm a 12 in street shoes and my SG10's fit perfect in a 12. There are still some smokin' deals on the bay if you don't mind wearing white. I got mine for $240 shipped. --D
  2. Rockrover

    Price difference!

    Yea I'm an old fart....4 years from my forties...But I remember reading the mags (before the net!) about how the NEW super dandy 2t piston made more power, more torque, faster revs, etc., than the other guy. The technology has already been understood and capitalized on. The manufacturing process is nothing. 4t/2t...? Meh...It's all in what your whilling to pay. Lets' face it. The 4t crowd is whilling to pay more than the 2t crowd. Why do you think 4t parts cost more? Maybe it's all that custom one-off milling they do on each piston? Yea right. --D
  3. Rockrover

    Price difference!

    Because the WHOLE 4t manufacturing and marketing phenominon requires it to be more expensive. Do you honestly believe that manufactures have your best interest in mind when they produce 4t aftermarket components? Give me a break. Manufactures are licking thier chops at the fact that the OHV crowd believes to thier core that 4t is the meca of off-road. Hmmmm. Custom ground cams? Custom unobtanium alloy valves? Uber dunnno spark ECU's? SURE!! I'll make them and you'll pay out the wazzou because I tell you to, and you WILL be the fastest human on the planet! More parts mean more $'s. Wait until the injected 4t's hit the scene. You think it's expensive now? HA! Just wait. Custom spark ECU's with supper micronic ground, titanium tipped injectors WILL make YOU the star of the moto-night. Just send in $459.95 and YOU will be a SUPPASTAR!!! --D
  4. Yea, stating that you have too much power on a dirt forum is like stating that your cawk is too big. Shut up and enjoy your ride dude. --D
  5. Rockrover

    '01 380 thoughts

    Well, my friends buddies uncles sister moved from a 2stk 250 to the 380 and found it to be lighter than a 250 on hillclimbs and single track. Care to explain your comment a bit more? I've never found the 380 to be heavy. Flikability and massive controlled power make this bike one of the most versatile and understated bikes ever made.
  6. Rockrover

    I-5 (gorman) MX park is closing this weekend

    EVERYTHING else is being paid by the government! While I disdain big government, proposing that the state/feds pay for keeping the park open might be a HUGE boon to our OHV cause. Imagine the precedence set by having state funds keep our designated OHV park(s) open! If not us, then why them? Perfect justification! --D
  7. Rockrover

    blue cross ins questions

    All coverage is contingent relative to the state that you're covered in. BCBS for instance has differing coverage for differing injuries in different states. Again coverage is CONTINGENT relative to the state you're in. Best advise I can give is to get the 'promise' made by the agent in WRITING...And/or have him/her point out were your activity is covered in the policy you hold or are interested in. Agents are notorious for 'misquoting' actual eligible insurance coverage relative to your policy. If it's not in writing they have every right to deny coverage (not that they will). And with the Obama health-care proposals many insurance co's will be pulling back every red cent they can. --D --D
  8. Rockrover

    Leatt Neck Injury

    +1 Not enough information to make ANY type of conclusion from that pic. WAY too many unknown variables in this equation. The pic caption implies that it MAY have been a Leatt hinge failure. In that case user error is the first thing that comes to my mind IN THE EVENT that the Leatt actually caused the injury.
  9. Rockrover

    '01 380 thoughts

    You're gonna' LOVE that bike. I've got a 00' EXC and every time I get blinded by a new bike, I go for a rip on the ol' 380 and fall in love with it again. Powerband is miles wide, you can lug it TWO gears high and she'll pull right through...Much like a 4t. However, when you really get on the pipe she'll oblige and rip your arms off. I did find that she would plow a bit. Put a Race-Tech gold-valve kit in it and that's a thing of the past. Tell us what you think when you get it. BTW, there is a HUGE 380 thread on ktmtalk. --D
  10. Rockrover

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    00' KTM 380 exc!!!
  11. Rockrover

    WEBE Racing Series

    YES PICS!!! Just concentrate on getting better bro. Your inspiration convinced me and another rider to put a crow-bar in our wallets and spring for the Leatt. Riding tonight to adjust/set-up. L8rs, and let me know when you can ride! --D