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  1. What size did you go with for the front tire with the 705's? do you find they're a little wide?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you already have it or if it's not too much trouble, could you post a picture or diagram of how the wiring works to have both lights turn on when set to high beam. I can probably figure it out I just feel better with a picture as I'm somewhat new with electrical systems and wiring. I was considering doing this a while ago then winter came... and I forgot all about it.
  3. Thanks for the responses, I'll play around with it a bit.
  4. So I have a 2011 kx250f, I'm a little confused, is there actually a sensor or something that completely stops it from starting in gear? Is there any way to remove it if so? I've never been able to start it in gear.
  5. Thanks for the information, I'll probably end up trying the 155 and 150 mains. Also it does have the 3x3 I forgot to mention.
  6. My only access to internet right now is on my girlfriends phone so bear with me. I recently moved to Calgary Alberta and I need to rejet. I cant search very well so Im looking for jetting settings for the following set up. 08 SM 434 big bore Fcr 39 MRD/SSW K&N air filter Around 4000ft altitude plus or minus 1000ft I realize how often these questions are asked and thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Do you have any pictures of the rack?
  8. For the next challenge I want to see a road sign with a type of food in the name, in this case Cranberry...
  9. I haven't paid the fine yet, I'm gonna weigh the options for a little while first. From what I understand the loan had its own insurance of sorts but it didn't cover theft somehow? I think my friend rushed into it a bit without making certain of all the details when he bought it. Take it as a lesson for other people I guess, make sure you know exactly whats going on if you're gonna lease a brand new bike.
  10. I have the MRD/SSW on mine and I love it, very occasionally I wish it was a little quieter. My friend has an FMF exhaust and the powerbomb header and it looks nice and sounds really good without being too loud. The performance isn't quite on par with the MRD but for what you seem to be looking for I would recommend taking a look at FMF.
  11. My second hand dirt wheels came with MX51s front and back. I've had the bike everywhere from deep sand to beach rocks to mud holes to hard packed dirt to pretty much anything. I've been pretty confident on them the entire time. I suppose the sand was a little sketchy but when is sand not sketchy to drive in?
  12. Too many questions to reply too I'm just checking the thread again now but... I didn't break his leg just busted up his knee. I'm not telling people to do this kind of thing, the way the justice system works you might end up worse off then the thief. I had a sort of a red mist when I saw someone riding my friends brand new stolen bike and just reacted, that said I wouldn't change anything about the way I did it. As far as the cops, I said we collided never accepted blame for hitting him at any point. I ended up getting a "following too closely" fine $225. Sort of impossible since I was in front of him before he tried to sneak past me, but I'll gladly accept it over going to court for careless driving or some other charge.
  13. Last I heard they were taking the guy riding it in for questioning I haven't heard anything yet but it was only yesterday...
  14. My friend recently bought a 2011 KTM EXC 530, he had it for 2 days and put 3.5 hours on it when it was stolen... He didn't have any insurance on the bike yet and was going to be stuck paying the full loan with no bike... People always say how they'd love to catch the person who did things like this to them, yesterday I had the chance. I was driving down the road in my truck when I saw the bike drive by in the opposite direction. It's the only bike like it around where I live and I knew the second I seen it. I pulled a U turn and put the gas to the floor and when he saw me coming up behind him tried to get away. I caught up to him and overtook him near the end of the road, I signaled him to stop when I was behind him and when I passed him, but when I slowed down in front of him to pull over he tried to slip past me on the shoulder, that was when I showed his leg what the fender of my truck felt like. I clipped him just enough to send him into the bushes. Amazingly it didn't escalate any further I managed to keep myself from beating the hell out of him. Some people say I acted brashly and tried to "take the law into my own hands." (I got a fine from the cops for it, could have been a lot worse.) But i have no regrets about it. I did next to no damage to the bike (bent the shift lever scratched up the side a bit.) So he got his bike back and we agreed the bike would be safer in my garage after that. He's gonna get a quote and the expenses paid for repairs. Here's a couple before and after pictures. What it looked like... What it looks like now... only a week or two after it was stolen. Stolen with 3.5 hours on it, got it back with 8.8 hours. Someones masterful paint job... And a different ignition locked always in the on position... We're just happy to have it back. I felt the sunken feeling in my gut for my friends bike almost as if it was my own.
  15. It's looking pretty good aside from one thing I can't stand personally is the stock front fender.