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  1. Mikeeyzf

    Body plastics

    hi try RACE SPEC there in uk but im sure they will have one! and im sure the plastics are the same!
  2. Mikeeyzf

    Newb with 01 Couple Questions

    Make sure you get your valve clearances checked regular and for the rear shock it may be worth getting it serviced an the sag set! Most can be done at your local shop
  3. Mikeeyzf

    Air Filter Oil Help.

    When I'm at practice track I always keep 3 pre oiled air filters! Can never be to carefull def on sand tracks! I use twinair an Fuchs silkolene air filter oil spray
  4. The frame is spot on with pc but now I stripped pc of were number is it's not to good I want to keep vin number showing but frame to look nice to!
  5. Jus been looking at bike an it has a capped plug above exhaust and has steel foot pegs an 46mm forks! This will make it 03! Thanks for help much appreciated!
  6. I got it from the right hand side of steering tube it's stamped in frame! Ain't stole it I swapped with a guy for my old kxf
  7. *CG14C-007087* can anyone tell me the year of this yzf by this? I took of of an this was under it on right hs of tube!
  8. In my last post I left the number I managed to get wen I scraped of paint can anyone tell me if this can tell age
  9. I scraped it of an the number is *CG14C-007087* can this tell age?
  10. the main frame is steel but sub frame is alu
  11. is it worth takin powder coat off ?
  12. iv just tried uploading but it wont allow! i took the rad shrouds of an it said yzf03-05
  13. i was told it was a 05 but just want to be sure! can you tell from carb?