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  1. jason0034

    strange problem with 87 250 fourtrax HELP!!!

    I have just aquired a 1987 250 fourtrax and it runs great butt will not rev out it seems to olny want to rev to about half throttle. I have taken the carb apart and made sure the throttle was opening all the way open and cleanned the jets out does anyone have any sugestions?????
  2. Does anybody know if the Mattawa ORV park is open year round.
  3. jason0034

    2008 yz450f gearing for trails

    I am sorry when i was talking about being tall i ment to high to fast i want more torque so think you you were thinking the opisite i would go up 2 or 3 in the rear and down 1 in the front possibly
  4. I have been riding lots of trails and it is time to change the gearing. The bike has the stock front and rear sprockets not exactly sure what that is butt i knoww it is way to tall. Does anybody have any sugestions on what to go with i still ride a little bit of open trail fire roads ext to so i dont want to low. Also thinking about putting a rekluse clutch on the bike but wanted to see what the gearing would do first
  5. jason0034

    capital forest washington

    does anybody know how to get to the rock candy parking lot from tacoma
  6. I heard that the rock candy parking lot was still open for another month does anybody know if its true that the riding is open till the end of november. I read that it closed on nov 1st and then i heard it was open for another month i would like to go there this week. Has anybody ben there in the last week?? thank you
  7. jason0034

    Not sure what bike to buy

    Thanks i will keep looking if nothing pops up i think i am going to go back to the mx i dont know??????
  8. I have been a avid two wheeler my hole life i have ridden a few different dirt bike street bikes in my life time most being the mx (crf450 yzf450 kx250 two stroke ect) style. I would like to buy a bike that has the same power of a 450mxr butt i would love to ride the fire roads in Washington you need plates to do so i here from one to others. I am hearing from all of my friends buy this buy that. what bike is the best all around i would like it to be plated butt also do wheely's in 4th gear no problem! butt don't want to go bigger than a 450 i basically want a bike with the power of a cr450 butt possibly a trail type transmission i will be riding mostly trails butt some track and would like the option of hitting the fire roads now and then? thank you for you help