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  1. jwalk551

    What to do about my crappy brakes

    if it makes you feel any better i had the same problem. My 2000 kx 250 front brake couldn't stop a bicycle, I just bought a used one off of ebay and it works great now, i believe 1999 and 2001 have the same mounting brackets if you want a new caliper too
  2. jwalk551

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    just cleaned the air filter on my KX 250 and but a kenda back tire on....took me 3 tubes but i finally got it haha
  3. jwalk551

    help! 2000 KX 250 rear shock replacement

    ok thanks alot, you've saved me from a big headache
  4. help me please! My rear shock ran out of oil and the shock cylinder is ruined. I'm looking for a used shock on ebay, what years will fit my 2000 KX 250? I looked up part numbers for 1999,2001 and 2002 but they are all different. the 1999 is 45014-1701-45......2000 is 45014-1735-8v....2001 is 45014-1752-8v and 2002 is 45014-1786-8v.....does that mean only a 2000 shock will work?
  5. jwalk551

    KX 250 rear shock rebuild?

    ok thanks alot
  6. jwalk551

    KX 250 rear shock rebuild?

    2000 Kx 250
  7. hey, I'm looking for a total rear shock rebuild kit. ALL the inner seals of the shock are bad and I have leaked all the oil and nitrogen out of the shock. Does anyone know where I can get these parts/seals without breaking the bank?
  8. jwalk551

    bearing question

    ok thanks alot
  9. jwalk551

    bearing question

    i was wondering how hard it is to put in linkage and rear shock bearings without any special tools? or do i need to buy some tool? help me please!