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  1. paxford

    Worst Day on the 450x Ever

    or was this becuase your bike was litterly submerged is the reason you did this... becuase mine was never submerged but did go through the lake and the mud and al the good stuff...just looking for pointers
  2. paxford

    Worst Day on the 450x Ever

    So i just wanna get this straight you pretty much put desiel gas in the tranny and motor oil side the right ammount as if it was oils and you just kicked ur bike with the gas off so that it would turn the inside of the motor and then you would drain and do it all over again untill the gas that is coming out is pretty much clear? And the last time you left the drain bolts out? Also while doing this you left the oil filter in untill you were done flushing and then you put a new one in? Is there any legnth of time you have to let it dry to make sure all the gas gets out of the motor? i raced this race too and i wanna make sure i clean my bike out well so i dont cause more damage
  3. paxford

    need some help and ideas

    so i have a 2009 450x and i was racing alot of desert. starting jan i am going to be racing WORCS...its about half desert with some motorcross jumps. due to me being broke i cant really buy a new bike. and so i am going to convert my x to a WORCS bike. the 450r is 230lbs and the x is 264 lbs i am trying to shave some weight. i am taking the ims tank off and putting the stock one on because i can moto for an hour on 2.3 gallons. i am going to take the headlight off and put a stock number plate on. also i am going to take the battey out and as well.... is there any idea that you all have. THANKS PRESTON
  4. paxford

    Applied emission block off

    i just bought an 09 crf 450x and i put the blobk off on. when i took it out to the desert the bike would idle and then with out touching the throttle the idle speed would go really high. then i would rev it out and it would go down for meh maybe like 5 seconds and without touching it the idle speed would spike up really high. so i tried riding it thinking something was stuck in the carb or what not but it wasnt. the bike was brand new when i put the emssions stuff on so i dont have an idle compairrson to before and after i took it off. do you think that it has to do with anything related to the block off or simply the carb. becuase leaving the shop they had to see if the bike idled fine that is what my concern was.