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  1. ok i went ahead and orderd a new bearing for the bottom of the shock now anyideas how to get it out?
  2. i ook the sock off and looked i was pretty dry and on one side you can see the needles and the other you can could that mean somthing?
  3. i have a 2006 yz 125theres a little bit slack but i cant figure out i it in the swing arm or sock bearings any ideas how to check?
  4. thanks every one for the replies
  5. also were can you get hex hed screws for the carb hd to take it apart to put a new spring in for the throttle cable and ofcourse they stripped like every other phillips head on the bike
  6. well any thing negatve come from from boring it to a 144 like overheating or anything?
  7. Well i know im gong up a tooth or two in the back i have to get new sprokets any ways but if the boysen super stock reeds do just as good ill probly go with them scince moneys pretty tight
  8. i want a lil more ponies for my 06 yz125 is it worth it?
  9. yeah i just let it go to long and it wore out i thought i was going to be smart and save100 bucks couse i was planin on selling it in the summer but that failed and now ive got into racing a little bit and so i had to fix it...
  10. i had to replate the cylinder and get a new pistoin and rings and wasnt shure how long you had to do what
  11. d is the biggest right? so i guess thats what i will have to do
  12. anyone know how to find out what size piston it is? there is no letter and theres 4 to choose from
  13. there we go! but also im havin trouble getting the power valve out i cant get the hex bolt to come loose were it holds the springs in so i can pull it out any suggestions? and has anyody ever used langcourt cylinder repair? thats what the yamaha dealer suggested nd they also had he best price for replating
  14. idk it aint workin