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  1. Kman415

    YZ450F Panel numbers

    Thanks guys! I went with 6" factory from Factory Fx. They look good to me!
  2. Hey guys, I just picked up a new YZ450F 2010 and want to put numbers on the side panels. The front plate will hold just about any size, but what size goes best on the side panels? 7" was way too big for them! Thanks!
  3. Kman415

    big bore, is it good for engine?

    I used the Cometic gasket and have 30 hours on it with no issue whatsoever! I would use it again. You need careful prep for any install of a new gasket.
  4. I have about 30 hours on mine and no problems at all. I installed a dry extra clean cometic gasket kit.
  5. Kman415

    big bore, is it good for engine?

    I have a JE BB 290 kit and love what it has changed my 250f into. Just keep up maintenance and valve clearances, redo the top end when you see fit.
  6. Go with the better maintained bike. If the owner of the newer bike can't tell you much about maintenance since it was bought, I wouldn't even consider it. I could tell you just about everything about each part that I ever touched on my bike and how and when it was last maintained.
  7. Kman415

    Uhhhh oops? lol

    Wow! what can you do? I really like my 290 JE piston and cylinder kit, not one problem and tons more power! Cometic gaskets! Good luck!
  8. Kman415

    help, spare oring

    If you just did the top end and its not the water jackets, then it should be the one for the coolant spout at the front of the engine.
  9. Kman415

    Go Big Big Bore Or Not !!!!

    If you go Big bore and do it correctly, you'll love it. Way more power and torque in the bottom and mid yet all the benefits of the 250f frame. Jetting on my bike was 3 sizes leaner on the MJ and 2 clip positions leaner on the needle. The 290 produces more vacuum, so it pulls more fuel, that's where leaning it makes it more powerful.
  10. Kman415

    cant take my spark plug off

    Change it at least once a year! You should be able to twist it and pry it gently to get it off. It is tough to get off so you need to try harder.
  11. Kman415

    Detached MCL

    I was put in a MCL brace which provides good support. I'm off crutches now and off work and riding for 4-6 weeks. Can anyone tell me when I should start exercising the knee/quads. I was injured 16 days ago. There's plenty of good exercises for rehab online, just no definite time frames. Thanks!
  12. Kman415

    FMF Megabomb - Amazing!

    I run the 4.1 factory and megabomb on my '07 290 BB. I use the Loudmouth intake as it removes the filter screen and gives a better seal, with more airflow. My altitude is just shy of 2,000 feet and I jetted leaner on the MJ and the Needle jet. I love the FMF exhaust setup and have never had any issues with the welds. I have put them to the test!
  13. Kman415

    09' YZ250F mods

    Porting the head is likely the best bet along with the properly degreed hotcams for a bigger hit.
  14. Take it back to the dealer and have them check the pilot jet and idle speed. They should fix your problem for you, after all you just spent a lot of money at their shop.
  15. Kman415

    Go Big Big Bore Or Not !!!!

    I used cometic gaskets and would recommend the 290 BB kit. I put the JE kit in and it is fantastic. Make sure surfaces are spotless and use proper torquing technique in all areas.