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  1. powderhoundin

    Please help me identify my exhaust..

    Thanks for the replies guys. I just remembered I have a photo of it off the bike, maybe it'll help.
  2. powderhoundin

    Please help me identify my exhaust..

    Hey Everyone, I've had my bike just over a month, and it's got an aftermarket Yosh exhaust, but I have no idea what model it is.. The more reading I do, the more I'm interested in learning about my bike and how to get the most out of it. Can anyone identify my exhaust just by this pic? All I know is that it's louder than h$ll. ha Thanks!
  3. powderhoundin

    Front tire for drz400s

    I'm running D606s no problem 90/90-21 & 120/90-18.. Here's a pic:
  4. powderhoundin

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Taken last week on the Spray Lakes road outside Canmore, AB
  5. powderhoundin

    PROTECTIVE GEAR in HOT weather - alternatives to leather?

    I decided when I got my bike that I was going to get new riding gear. After a little research on the web I decided the best fit for me was the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 stuff. I got the jacket and pants together for under $500 CDN, at a local shop. So far I've been really pleased with them and used the mesh option for the first time this past weekend when the temps hit about 25°C. The jacket goes from being a full waterproof textile jacket to a full mesh jacket in seconds, and you maintain the protective armor no matter how you wear it. Pants are the same idea. Perfect for my part of the country where I expect to ride in anything from 0° to 30°C, maybe in the same day. ha ha
  6. powderhoundin

    Old vs New Headlight Shroud

    Anyone out there in TT Land have a used newer style headlight shroud they want to sell me? I'm looking for white preferably. Cheers
  7. powderhoundin

    Old vs New Headlight Shroud

    Great, thanks. Anyone know a good source of OEM parts like that in Canada?
  8. powderhoundin

    Old vs New Headlight Shroud

    Hey everyone, I've been reading through countless posts in the forum and have noticed a very distinct difference between my 2000 DR-Z400s and almost every other bike on here; the headlight shroud. I like the look of the newer version a lot more, and as a result I have a couple questions.. What year did the headlight shroud change? Where in Canada can I get a newer version headlight shroud? Exhibit A. Mine's on the right.
  9. powderhoundin

    My DR-Z400s

    I live in Canmore, and picked up the bike in Calgary. My first "just for fun" ride was today up the Spray Lakes road from Canmore, that's where the photos were taken. Thanks for the replies guys. It seems like it's in good shape, the previous owner never even registered it, which has a lot to do with the low kms, said he put about 200kms on it, mostly on easy trails. I think I'm the 3rd owner.
  10. powderhoundin

    My DR-Z400s

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the motorcycling, DRZs and this forum so I thought I'd introduce myself and post up a couple pics of my new bike. It's a 2000 DR-Z400s and I picked it up with just over 5000 kms on the clock. It's the first bike I ever owned and I'm having a blast so far. Really happy that I found this forum as there seems to be a real wealth of knowledge around here. Thanks! This is the plate I was randomly assigned, which happens to start with my first and last initials. Crazy Coincidence..
  11. powderhoundin

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    What front fender is that?