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    Cant find swingarm bolt for SSR 110cc quad?

    I don't see them on ebay...I have called ssr and they told me to send them a picture of the bike so i did and they told me it is a 2006 SQR110 but they don't sell parts and have no idea where to get them? They quoted me 30 dollars and 16 dollars for shipping and I said for a bolt? and they said in a very strong asian accent ( ah you no wanta de axel fo you motobike?) I told them seven times I needed a swingarm pivot bolt and they finally told me they don't sell them.
  2. I have looked everywhere for this bolt it is 12mm round by about 10 inches long in snapped off at the top and I need a replacement..I have searched everywhere:banghead: anyone know where I can find one