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  1. cheddy

    Oil in the airbox?

    Yep the air filter is supposed to be soaked in oil. Every time after you clean the filter you're supposed to reapply oil. Not doing so would be very bad. It's also pretty bad that you've gone 2,300 miles and never cleaned the air filter!
  2. Is it possible? ... zero search results.
  3. cheddy

    tire size = wheely problem??

    Maybe new tire isn't broken in yet. Broken in tires usually develop a flat spot in the middle which would give you more traction doing a wheelie.
  4. Not the best looking bike but the best looking fender imo, acerbis evo
  5. cheddy

    How do I stick on case savers

    Can I use J-B Weld?
  6. I have never pulled up on the shifter and stayed in 1st. Quite a few times I got stuck in neutral but never have I stayed in 1st. Very strange.
  7. Hotter. Always checked it cold. I'm using a good gauge and used a different one to confirm the reading. Having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say.
  8. 06' DRZ400SM: I got new Contiforce SM tires 3 months and 900 miles ago and the last time I checked my tire pressure about a month ago it was around 25PSI, which was the same pressure it was when I had it installed. This sort of gave me a feeling of security about the tire pressure. In the last month I have been riding it really hard practicing wheelies and just generally being a hooligan pretty much all riding on the streets. Well I checked the pressure again today because I realized I haven't checked it in too long and it was at around 12PSI. Is this kind of deflation normal or should I be worried? I don't see anything wrong with the tire.
  9. cheddy

    Xena Disk lock

    I have the 6mm Xena and it fits my stock '06 SM rotor just fine and from your pictures I see no reason it would not fit yours, there is no way to even get to the pin to attempt cutting it so I see little need for a bigger pin, 14mm seems excessive to me.
  10. Very nice, I was trying to figure out what was going on and you nailed it.
  11. cheddy

    Should 5th gear feel slugish at 35mph

    Mine acts a little funny at 43, any lower than 43 and I can tell it's not happy. (SM, stock motor, gears, sprocket)
  12. cheddy

    Runaway cars and DRZs don't mix

    Something like this could potentially lead one to believe that dealers are less than completely honest.
  13. cheddy

    Front spocket won't fit

    I was making sort of a joke to count the actual teeth on the sprocket you have to make sure you got the part you were expecting. Try taking a picture of what it looks like when you try to install it, I'm sure people have switched their sprocket enough times on here to know how it should look and what may be wrong in your case.
  14. cheddy

    Front spocket won't fit

    does it have 15 teeth?