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    Xt 350 rattle

    Hi guys, thanks for the speedy responses. I will pull my bike apart this coming wknd, and have a look. Is there anything in particular to look for? When you say bad cam chain tensioner, what particular part? is it the actual spring mechanism? or would it be the bannana shaped dampener? I appreciate the help
  2. Timvo

    Xt 350 rattle

    I've recently bought an XT 350 (99 model) with 2500km's on it. When it gets hot it developes a rattle in the top end when at low revs or straining. My dad has the same bike and his does not do this that is why I am worried. I first suspected the valve clearances, so I checked and they are fine but in the tight limit tight (is this a possible problem). The only other thing I can think of is the timing chain. I'm hesitant to change it since the bike has done such few km's. Any suggestions, what do these symptoms point to? Thanks