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  1. mxrath98

    hot start stuck in carb?

    Have this problem right now my bike was sitting all winter hopefully i can get the plunger out luckily i pulled the cable hard enough it spread the ends of the plunger so the cable came out great info though thanks!
  2. mxrath98

    2006 Rmz 450 carb issues

    there might actually still be some dirt in there somewhere a similar thing happened with kx250f it wouldn't idle consistently and adjusting the idle did not help maybe try cleaning them out again and blow the jets out with an air compressor make sure you hold on tight though don't want it flying across the room! Also it could be a broken o'ring on the pilot jet i believe or the main one of them has an o'ring mine was broken once I put a new in it ran perfect
  3. mxrath98

    Orion Pit Bikes??? (help)

    dont worry i didnt take any offence to what you said. and my mistake, the first time i sent my motor to u guys, u tried to fix it. (it was a gear slipping problem) then i got that one back and after probably the first ride it started happening again so i talked to u about it again and u said to send that one back and u would send a new one, from somewhere like the orion factory in california or something. you did keep your word by doing that, which i am very glad u did, but once i got that motor in, the same exact thing happened to that motor. by this time i just did not want to deal with that brand anymore so i went at bought whole different brand motor. u may know my email as meatmanrath@aol.com (i use this email more than mxrath98) p.s. if you would like to contact me, please feel free. by the way i will probably be ordering a new gas tank from u soon also (haha). thanks p.s.s- i said three cuz (1)the one that came with it, (2)then since u tried to fix the broken one, (3)and then the newest one u sent.
  4. mxrath98

    orion pit bikes

    Dont get orion. I bought one about 9 months ago and i only just got it working prolly a little over three weeks ago. i had to get three new engines from orion cuz every one would go into neutral when i tried to go from third gear to second. finally i bought an EVOS engine from g2 moto. the guy mike that owns the company is a really good guy and knows what hes doing (check out the g2 moto bikes, their good quality my friend has 2). also, i spent over $1700 (cost of g2 moto) dollars now on my bike (paid $1000 when i got it) just to get it working. not my idea of good quality. since when are you supposed to have to fix brand new things hahaha. good luck man.
  5. mxrath98

    Orion Pit Bikes??? (help)

    I bought an X3R last summer. that was a big mistake! your much better off buying something like the ssr or even a G2 moto. 3 engines that i had all had the same problem. every time i went to down shift from third to second it would go to neutral. Finally i just went and bought a new EVOS 140cc engine (the thing ripps)!!! in all tho i spent what i would have spent to get a g2 moto, and really the only good thing on the orion x3r is the frame build. thats all that i was impressed with. they also sent me the wrong color plastics with it, but i mad it sikk looking anyway haha. and now since i basically moded everything on the bike its a beast, but it should of been working from the start instead of me having to fix a brand new bike, and taking 9 months before i was even able to ride it and have fun.