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  1. but how do i do a compression test
  2. how do i do a compression test to see if its good
  3. ok but how do i do the actual rebuild
  4. so get it? and what do you to to change it out
  5. i can get kx 85 with about 100 hours on the topend for a good price the only worry i have is the top end how many more hours could it go for? and is it easy to do a top end on this how long does it take
  6. well all im sayin is a can ride a 650 but im gonna get a drz 400 instead
  7. smokers are too loud for where i ride what thumpers
  8. im trying to stay away from smokers any other bikes?
  9. yeah all u people i just rode a klr 650 because my bro just got one so i can ride a 650
  10. wieghtisnt q problem cause honestly im jacked i lift everyday
  11. yes i know but my brother who is 18 will be puttong money towards it to ride a little so it has to be street legal and he wants something big because he already has a ninja 500 and my dad might ride it a couple of times and he has a concours 1000
  12. so i can keep it 3 years and then ride it on the street
  13. yes it needs to be street legal