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  1. Ok, so this is my first post, so please be kind. I have a 2007 DRZ400S. Just put on a FMF powerbomb header, FMF powercore 4 exhaust. I have yet to change anything with jetting. FMF suggests changing only my main jet to a 165. But, that’s running a 50/50 mix of race fuel/ high octane at 1500ft. Well I ride anywhere sea level to 5000ft. But also ride to and from work and have no interest in using race fuel. What jetting suggestions can you guy give? Also considering a 3X3 mod. How would that affect my jetting issue? The bike seems to run pretty well without the jetting but at high RPM's it cuts out a little and have some backfiring and such. My friend, who knows nothing about jetting, says I need to reject. It will clean up the cutout and backfire issue while adding more power. So if you could offer some jetting suggestions, with and without the 3X3 mod. And maybe some pro's and con's of each scenario. Thanks