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  1. rickjkline

    ttr 90 kick start froze!!!!!!!!!!

    Any one have any idea? All help is appreciated Thanks
  2. rickjkline

    ttr 90 kick start froze!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello all. I am new to this forum and in need of advice. I have a 2001 ttr 90 for my son and last fall it was running rough and flooding. Well it was in the fall so put it away with the fuel shut off. Got it out today to fix the float and clean carb, thought well lets try starting it. I kicked it about half a kick and the kick start froze. I thought well the carb was acting up, maybe hydro locked. Pulled plug and small amount of gas came out but not much and it still will not budge on the kick start. Put it in gear and tried to push and no go, it just slid the tire. took off exhaust pipe and no gas there. I really am at a loss and don't know what could be wrong. My gut tells me something is wrong with the kick starter itself but could the engine be seized slightly from corrosion from the gas sitting in the cylinder all winter? Any and all info would be helpful. Thanks in advance Rick