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  1. when it shuts down the rear whell does lock up. but we never had on a lift yet
  2. my buddy is having troubles with his 06 kx 250f. his 2nd gear is gone all the other gears work fine but when he puts it in to second the bike shuts off and he cant go no where. any ideas what the problem is?
  3. what is the stock carb settings (how many turns each ajustable screw got to be turned out) for an 06 kx 250f
  4. i was thinking the same thing. it seems like it would be pretty hard to get the tire on the rim
  5. well guys thanks for the info ill try the heavy duty tube first hopefully it wont go flat
  6. i was riding a trail when i got my last flat and i hit a few rocks so that might of caused it. but im putting duck tape around the inside of the rim where the spokes are and hopefully i dont get anymore flats but if i do then ill buy those tire balls
  7. i put 15 psi in my tube and i don't have a clue how it happens.
  8. white or black both looks good
  9. does any body know if putting tenis balls tightly together inside my back rim will work? i am sick of flats and sick of fixing them
  10. well im gettin protaper contour bars kx hi bend and there perfect