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  1. montesa38

    Where is my bike?

    Your a bit far away, but I was in at Malcolm Smiths in Riverside, Ca on Wed and they had a 250sx on the floor.....if anyone is looking out here....
  2. montesa38

    It's official...I am pumpkin!

    Hey 808...Outstanding ride!! Congrats...I give up looking for a 2011 6 months ago, now back in the market. was at Malcolm Smiths yesterday, they had sold theirs already....I know the retail is $6695....just wondering what a good starting price otd is ?? They seem to sell real fast, so im not sure if they will deal...Thanks!
  3. montesa38

    2012 KTM 250sx

    Like alot of folks, im getting ready to dump my boys POS 250f...those bikes...well anyway....as soon as its sold were going back to 2 stroke and the KTM's look good. Anyone out there with a 2010-11 250sx...are there any issues with these bikes? Anything good or bad, I would appreciate any info.....looking for the 2012 model, but would assume the motors would be close to the same.. Thanks
  4. Caswell...used on all my fiberglass Montesa tanks....2 years and no issues....I referred this to a friend with a plastic CR250 tank that developed cracks...worked good also...a while back, i saw it on ebay for about $35...will do 2 tanks...
  5. montesa38

    How's everyones 2010 YZ250F holding up??

    I bought this 2008 250F new, and I hate to be negative, but its easily the worst bike Ive ever owned (motor wise)...Against the better judgement of friends, I bought the bike and decided to leave it bone stock...Its been serviced like no other bike ive owned, and was good up to 60 hours...Then the rod broke in half.....$2200 later, everything new from crank up....and i just cant keep it running. Shop does all the work, as im not a 4 stroke guy....its got 80 hours on it now and been in the shop 3x since its rebuild.....fun bike, but dang......going back to 2 strokes for modern riding... Hope everyone else has better luck than I...good luck!!
  6. montesa38

    AHRMA post vintage racing question???

    Huskychuck, Thank you for that post.....I raced the Milliken event for 5 years and met some nice folks, Steve Erickson for one whom I had some good battles with..I do remember the Rocky Mnt region/AHRMA issue...too bad... Here in SoCal, the AHRMA SW region piggybacked the local clubs events and tried to implement their own rules...no kids, no modern bikes....the local club stood their ground and AHRMA backed down and continues to have joint events thru 2010....oddly enough, my now 14 yr old has made alot of friends with the older crowd...they really think its cool for a young kid to race a 32 year old bike..its just something you dont see often. Even though he prefers to ride his Modern bike, I do catch him in the garage with his friends talking about how He and Dad built a cool Montesa that he races with the old guys....thats priceless!! #38
  7. montesa38

    AHRMA post vintage racing question???

    Lets try to separate MYTH from Fact...... Civil war re-enactments allow children, which I happen to be involved in... AHRMA wants no part of kids involvement due to liability reasons, so they state...that is a false statement, its as OLD TIME BIKER states...just dont want kids.... "Kids will over run the event with their aggressive riding, pit racing and bad parents, they have plenty of Modern races they can run"...another myth....one more time...the really fast kids dont want anything to do with AHRMA, period...its the parents, like us, that want to ride safe friendly tracks and want the same for our kids, so there would be very few kids that would attend....just to clarify, its been the 12 year old and up that have been considered in the past, not the 5 year olds.... As far as the 40-60 year olds riding with 16 year olds? We'll, from my experience the last 8 years, riding with 5 different vmx clubs, I have to say its far more dangerous riding with 50 year olds who get out once a month, or even once a year, totally out of shape who are the dangerous ones....never seen a kid get hurt at a local vmx event, but there are alot of us old guys trying to be the way we used to be... Again, I have no problem if AHRMA doesnt want kids under 16, hey something for everyone out there....but lets just get the facts straight.
  8. montesa38

    AHRMA post vintage racing question???

    Here in SoCal, we have 2 really good clubs that run pretty much the same class structure....Primary emphasis is vmx, although there is a modern support, last race of the program. Kids are cool, but there are just a few, none very fast, those guys just dont want to race with us. My 12 yr old started on my VR250, and now at 14 runs along with myself on VB360,s...2 weeks ago Mike Bell lined up in between both of us on a Yamaha 250... ...Afterwards, I introduced my boy to Jim Gibson, Scott Burnworth, Marty Tripes and we missed David Bailey later on...these times are priceless, but Shane is starting to not only understand the history of mx, but how really good these old guys on old bikes are..... Dont get me wrong...my boy loves his modern bike, but he is having a good time riding the old bikes too, which I give him credit...
  9. montesa38

    AHRMA post vintage racing question???

    All legit comments.....kids will never over run vmx, its just not their thing. But, I do think a family presence is nice to see, aka Curt and Jared Lange. I look around the pits at all of the old farts, and they surely must of had kids...where are they? Wouldnt they like to have them involved? Sad.... As far as Pre 74 only, we'll I think your getting your way...AHRMA IS focusing their attention to these bikes, great, something for everyone...but when I got involved 8 years ago, it was the 40+ Int class that had the largest numbers...recent Nationals show less than 3 at times in this class, now its the 50+ class thats the biggie, but the numbers are not there, just as 60+ will be.....5-10 years and there will not be enough to have separate classes, but thats what the old guard wants...I guess Im just forward thinking and would like AHRMA to survive...
  10. montesa38

    AHRMA post vintage racing question???

    Hey 33...RacerXR answered your question correctly. AHRMA wants classes to be period correct as close as possible, so you cant swap parts off newer bikes onto older. As for the age thing, its been hashed around forever. The old guard simply doesnt want kids. As long as their in control, it will never happen...it has been mentioned that once their gone, who cares? I have been around this club for 8 years, and to survive, they need lots of changes. Kids will not over run this club, most all of them have no interest in vintage, why would they? But it would be nice to see families show up and all participate, rather than just a bunch of us old farts... If your in SoCal, there are many opportunities for kids in vintage racing, ARX and Calvmx...both put on really good events with safe old school tracks. Cheers
  11. montesa38

    2008 oil change issue?

    Yea, I did it "your" way and it took the 1.1 quarts....I spent 3 years in college for an Automotive degree and have wrenched dirt bikes since 1970...although all 2 strokes...you would think I would know how to change oil!!!! hahahahahaha Thanks again
  12. montesa38

    2008 oil change issue?

    Thanks to all for your help....guess I should have picked up an owners manual a couple months ago....I probably have been draining all that I put in..at least we all know that with only 12 ounzes of oil, you wont blow the motor...the boy put in over 60 laps yesterday almost non stop.. Thanks again.... Jeff
  13. montesa38

    2008 oil change issue?

    That scary.....I was filling the bike like I do my street bike...Oil is in the window when motor is off, then oil dissappears when engine is running...you do it differently....maybe I am getting all the oil out?????
  14. montesa38

    2008 oil change issue?

    Also, we keep the oil level in the middle of the window on the left side of the motor, check it regularly and have never had a motor issue...so we must have enough....Is your 06 a alum frame model? Reading on this site, the earlier steel frames had a different oil change procedure.
  15. montesa38

    2008 oil change issue?

    I dont think so. I just recently learned the capacity was 1.1q, we have changed oil and filter a few times now and always is the same....never drain more than 12 oz...thought there might be a 3rd drain sourse I was missing...