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  1. Yep. The old one is a '76 TT500 and its point set is on the right case, with a reduction gear between it and the main drive gear. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, Nuity5. I never would have thought of that. Old school is hard to shake. My other dirt bike still has points and two rear shocks.
  3. I am replacing the lower casings on the bike. My question is, when it's all back together, how does the CDI know when to fire the plug? I see the sensor next to the flywheel and assume that is where the signal comes from but the flywheel rotates twice for each time the plug should fire. How does it know which time to trigger the spark?
  4. Thanks, Grayracer. I was hoping you would chime in.
  5. Thanks, Jojo.
  6. Got a 2000 YZ 426 with a chain-induced crack by the clutch actuator. Can't get it stopped with JB Weld so I bought a pair of used cases. The manual says, after taking it down to just the cases, that the right case will come off without a puller, then remove the innards and push the crank out of the left case. The removal and installation of all those innards has me nervous. Would it be wrong, once the right case is off, to place the new right case on the assembly, turn it onto the right side, pull the left case off the crank and install the new left case?
  7. Thanks, Grayracer. I'll put in new jets today and see what happens. Needle next if it still acts funny.
  8. Anybody know how much difference there is between a 5JG 1 (US) carb and a 5JG 2 (European) carb? Bought the 2000 YZ 426 cheap, not running, and previous owner said he broke the corner off the original carb, where the bowl mounts, so he got one off Ebay. It ran before that. He didn't do anything to the Ebay carb, just gave up and sold the bike. I'm just starting on it, with all new jets, needle and seat, etc. but found out the 5JG 2 is standard in Europe. I can't find any differences and am planning on trying to set it up the same as I would the original.
  9. Babbit's Cycle and Ebay.