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  1. NorthCarolina

    I live in the central coast of California for the last 3 years and this place sucks for any kind of riding.I previously lived in Asheville NC and my Father lives in Greensboro and without a doubt NC is better.Lets see cheaper gas,food,housing,no green red sticker crap and so on.
  2. Unfortanetly i do not think that is the problem.I drained the oil and found little pieces of metal,stuck a magnet inside the engine and picked up more pieces not much but enough to lead me to believe maybe a gear went.I will check the clutch side to be sure though.Thanks for the help.
  3. Just want to know who does the best engine,transmission rebuilds.My 450 transmission won't shift locked in 2nd gear.Only 200 hours on it and maintened very well.I live in central California.Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. lucky it didnt happen going of a jump the bike and you could have been hurt
  5. it definitely has some positive aspects to it.
  6. you guys are lucky try livin in californa cant even wash the sidewalk without a 150.00 fine.green sticker red sticker park pass and so on.