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  1. metolius man

    No Trespassing means No Trespassing!

    I look at it pretty simply personally. All of my personal property and family farm property is fenced,gated and liberally signed with various types of no tresspassing signs. I am not a confrontational person by nature. If someone is found tresspassing then i simply take down the make/model of vehicle with plate number. Hopefully a couple pics of people on our land. And a call to the state police. No ands,ifs or buts, no questions. On average 15 or so people get proscecuted a year from tresspassing on our lands. Probably 40 or so people seen tresspassing a year. I would say that 13 of the 15 a year are hunters, which is very not good for them as you don't want to be caught tresspassing in oregon with a lethal weapon. I have no patience whatsoever for people that are tresspassing on fenced property. Its stupid and without excuse in my mind.
  2. metolius man

    Any young guys riding street bikes?

    I think that a cafe/streetfighter made out of one of those bikes would be sweet. And would also be a fairly good first street bike for a younger person. Should be pretty reasonable insurance on one. Smart move and good luck.
  3. metolius man

    Dirt bike investment strategy???

    this is a great little discussion. I just purchased a 04 YZ250 because i couldn't pass up the price. I figure i'll have about $500-$800 into it before racing season starts next spring. I'm hoping to get 4-5yrs out of it before selling and upgrading.
  4. metolius man

    2005 f-250 turbo diesel fuel milage?

    My personal couple cents worth of advice..... Ford: If you can find a clean well taken care of 7.3L Powerstroke model then your golden, preferably manual tranny but the auto's do ok for a auto. We get 15mpg pulling goose neck 3 horse trailer with 3 horses in it....roughly 8k pounds. Around town empty 16-19 and on the hwy or freeway empty 18-22. usually around 18-19 empty all round driving but i have a very light right foot. on our 2nd powerstroke, retired the first at 280,000. Current one is at 151,000. Dodge: Clean 5.9L cummins with manual. I am not a huge fan of the rest of the truck but the 5.9 cummins is a amazing motor. Ours did 1-2mpg's better on mileage then the powerstrokes do. With a couple of mods 25mpg on hwy/freeway is within reach. I have personally seen 3 ranch trucks with over 350,000 on the original engine. Chevy: Duramax w allison, preferably the earlier ones as they do a little bit better on fuel. Durability isn't completely proven yet but my father has one as current work truck on the ranch, 180,000 and the engine and tranny have been superb. The biggest problems i see personally is that the newer dodges and fords engines are simply not as good as the older ones, more problems and way less fuel efficient.
  5. metolius man

    Arai VX Pro 3: Is it worth the money

    From a straight safety standpoint......NO......Every independently done helmet test i have read all have the same general conclusion. As far as head protection via the shell goes they all do the job we wear them for. Having said that. Part of being safe is having a helmet that fits properly. Regardless of price or brand you want a lid that fits right. Another thing to look at is the front face bar. In that piece you will sometimes find that a really cheap helmets face bar is not up to par compared to nicer helmets. After that what you are really talking about is things such as venting,padding,graphics,paint quality,weight etc.....
  6. Helmet Googles Gloves Neck Protection(doughnut style) Thor Impact body armor Jersey Pants Boots Knee Braces(on order) Basically head to toe loaded with protective gear....
  7. I've bought and sold multiple street bikes and just bought my first dirtbike in a decade. I ALWAYS test ride a bike before buying it and expect other people to do the same when buying from me. Cash in hand if someone wants to test ride and i always bring the cash with me to test ride. It seems pretty much a given at least here in oregon that you bring cash to test ride a bike. Never had a problem as a buyer or a seller this way. The only bike i didn't test ride first was the dirtbike i just bought and it has some kind of alignment or bearing issue....
  8. Just bought a yz 250 yesterday, first dirtbike in a decade. Runs great, very clean etc,etc, but i noticed that the rear end/rear tire seems to pull or kick to the right quite a bit. I'm going to take it to a better riding area tomorrow and test it out some more to be sure, its possible it could just be me i guess. But it definitely felt lake the rear end was heading right pretty much all the time. Any idea's what could be causing it?????
  9. metolius man

    2T "coming back" and 4T babble..blah blah

    I think that what will possibly save 2T's in the future will be in about 10-15yrs from now more people will be buying 2T's from the few people that make them, and the jap makers will want that part of the pie back...........there isn't a whole lot of motive to to go out and buy a brand new 2T from KTM or similiar companies when you could buy a clean used 2T for practically nothing, drop maybe 5-800 tops into it and have a amazing offroad machine that will keep up with anything on the market..... However.....what will happen in another 10yrs or so when you can't find all of these great used bikes because not as many are being made......thats when the 2T guys will really start buying new bikes alot.....or maybe not....but if they do then sales for KTM,GasGas etc will go out the roof, then people will pay attention...... Either that or having successful pro racers on 2t's....Only scenarios I see.
  10. metolius man

    Hauling Doubts

    Its probably not ideal, but definitely doable.....its a half ton full sized truck, its definitely got more then 3klbs towing capacity....
  11. metolius man

    Hauling Doubts

    I would definitely want brakes setup....especially if you have never towed much before. But as far as the question...... Your pickup is a full sized half ton pickup, i'm sure that its towing capacity is probably around 7-8000 lbs. Easy enough to look up. I am also sure that the 21' trailer is lighter then that...probably the 23' also. Sooo...assuming leaf springs fixed, brake modulator installed, and proper hitch......no problem. Just don't expect to be flying down the road with a v-6 pulling it.
  12. I didn't read through all of the threads here to see if it was mentioned anywhere...... But there was nothing faster/scarier then throwing a leg over a 1985 Husqvarna 500CR and giving that a go. Lighter and more HP and torque then kx and cr500......Handled like a 70's buick with two flat tires....but man point that thing in a straight line in good dirt and %^$@#^#%@
  13. Hello I am looking at getting back into dirt bikes from a 10yr absence. I am looking for a bike for trail riding and enduro type racing, not mx racing. I am on a budget so i am going to be looking for a used bike probably 02 and older. I'm 6'3" around 240lbs. All out speed is not as important as smooth power delivery and being able to ride tight single track type stuff well. Off the top of my head KDX200 and 220 and XR250,XR400 come to mind. It seems to me like suzuki made a woods stroker bike....RMX???? Yamaha wr woods bike??? And i don't know anything about KTM bikes except i know they are popular.....some suggestions of bikes to look would be great...thanks.