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  1. edge4628

    How do I teach a newbie to ride???

    good post, im about to take some new guys riding in the upcoming weeks, im talking very new just learning how to shift and everything so its good to read this. My plan was to let them go at their own pace and watch over them the first couple times, I can only tell them so much and then i think you learn everything else the hard way...hopefully not the too hard way
  2. edge4628

    help removing front tire AHH

    thanks for all the reply's you guys have really given me my faith back, i wore myself out trying to get it yesterday. I get the breaker bar thing now I was doing something like that i had a socket wrench with a long crescent hooked on the end trying to get more leverage so i need to try it again with the pb blaster and a torch if that doesn't work. I will definitely say that it is more stained with years of red clay then it is rust on that, either way its putting up a fight, thanks again for all the info guys
  3. edge4628

    help removing front tire AHH

    the axle nut is what i need to work on right? not the other side of the shaft?
  4. edge4628

    help removing front tire AHH

    that's so sad to here this bike runs like a champ. so im gonna do what i can to get her back to 1997 shape 6 point socket and breaker bar, where should i look for these? i have never heard of the breaker bar thats why i ask, thanks guys
  5. edge4628

    help removing front tire AHH

    ah great do you think pb blaster will get it? or should i take it to the shop and let them deal with it?
  6. edge4628

    First Race on the YZ250 VS 450f VS 250f

    congratulations man nice win!
  7. I've searched and I thought I could take it off but the axle nut is not budging at all, I've taken off the bolts for the shocks, what am I doing wrong? The bike is a 1997 YZ 125 I have no idea when the last time it was changed, I am not the original owner. Here is the PITA Other side
  8. edge4628

    some kind of chinese bike...

    so my friend just got a little 50cc pit bike that we think is chinese, it runs great and is a lot of fun but we are thinking about getting some new suspension for it, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for parts, that would be great just some extra specs.... it is blue, there are no markings on it anywhere (besides made in china sticker), when we changed the tube the brand was "happy tyre" with chinese writing next to it, we got it to 48mph (using gps), it has an automatic clutch, the rear brakes are drum (which are worn so they need help too) and finally the shifting goes like this... neutral is first and then the next four gears are shifted down, neutral, downshift to 1st, then down to second, then down to 3rd, then to 4th, its odd if anyone can point me in the right direction as to the brand or parts that will work please let me know, thanks guys.
  9. I love this idea, especially since I cannot track down any helicoil kits. the piggy back bolt sounds like a great idea and I assume if locktited correctly the oversized bolt is not going to go anywhere, I might look into this today i really appreciate it guys. Also I am going to look into the spark plug repair idea as well, thanks again. Any other ideas are always welcome, I just want to get the bike running and in great shape.
  10. so I took the bolt to a thread gauge and it is a M12 x 1.5 so that is the size kit I need correct? My local advanced auto had some helicoil kits but of course not the size I needed. Any other local shops have them? Any links of where to order them i am having a hard time the only place I found was amazon
  11. I was just wondering how do i check, take the screw to a store and check the size? or is there somewhere more official to look at? oh and just making sure, this repair will make it so I can remove and replace the screw like normal right?
  12. also how do I find out what size helicoil or time cert to use?
  13. I am interested in the helicoil but I am afraid there is not enough metal to drill and tap through , what do you guys think? The thread walls seem kind of thin (I know its filthy and needs cleaned that comes next once its fixed) Also, ^^^ there is something right on top of the drain hole and I would be afraid i would hit it when I was drilling/tapping
  14. when you guys use the rubber drain plug does it stick out or fit all the way in? and what size did you use?