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  1. Help, I have a 2006 and it is hard to start. Recently gapped the valves but it is still hard to start. Now it back fires as well. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello, Im new to the sport, and I am a trail-track rider. Im not wanting to invest a lot of money into upgrades. However, I am looking to get the most bang for my buck. I ride from 0 to 4000 foot elevation. My bike overall runs great but I am looking for an etra boost. I tried taking my 13 tooth sprocket to a 12 tooth but my gears seemed to be short. I loved the power out of the hole but I seem to rev out faster. So it is back to a 13 tooth. The only mod I put in so far is an air filter. I have heard about a "power shot" piece and then back it up with the jet kit. What I am looking for is the same type of snap as the 12 tooth sprocket and hopefully gain more midrange pull as well. Any suggestions would be awesome.
  3. coreys

    steering stabalizer

    Thanks a bunch, I will be heading out this weekend to the trails this weekend to ride with my 6 year old. Ill try out the tips you guys offered and see what happens. I also might just have to consider the investment as well. Thanks a mill for the knowledge Corey
  4. coreys

    milky greenish oil ?!?!

    I had the same problem and it was the power washing. I was cleaning real heavy around the shifter. Since then I been paying attention and have not had the same problem.
  5. coreys

    steering stabalizer

    Howdy, my 06 250r's front end seems to turn to easy. I hear awesome things about the steering stabalizers but I am not ready to drop another $600 into it. Is there any tricks to stabalize without the investment, or damaging the bike such as over tighten the handle bars? Thanks for your tips
  6. coreys

    Should I dump my X and get an R?

    These questions are all to recent for me. My buddy has a 2006x and I have a 2006r. With great discussions between him and I about the differences I have come across some interesting information as of today. My mechanic buddy described it well. The X is a stuffed up R. He said to get dramatic difference re-jet, get a new pipe and (I dont know what this means or where to find it) cut the pink wire. He said the pink wire is a HUGE difference. Like I said, I heard this just today and my buddy wants to find out more. I will re post when I know more
  7. coreys

    Backfire Problem

    I own a 2006 250r and realized that my carberator air adjustment screw was turned way out. The manuel tells you to turn it out 1 3/4 turns. That stopped my back fire problems. I have recently turned it out a little more for a little x-tra air and had no problems. have fun. nothing more annoying than constant back fire