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  1. Happy Birthday pghkid125!

  2. Well, since i didnt get any replys, i spent the last 2 hours and a half cut worth a doobies messing around with it and narrowed it down to the shifter shaft being too far out. the right side case is hitting it and its binding everything up. is there a way to push the shifter shaft the other way ( toward the left side of the bike), its prob less than an 1/8 inch that it has to move. im pretty sure that once i move it everything will fall into place. any help would be nice. here is a pic off the internet of my side case and the shaft is in the red circle. that is what i need to move in.
  3. Cmon thumper community. any help???
  4. Online sites usually show a generic picture but ship the right ones. There mostly machine specific so just go by your bike make and model.
  5. Working on a 1999 kx 125. I had to replace the impeller seals and bearings. Once i did that and put everything back together the kicker does move but doesn't spring back up, also the shifter will not move. So i took the case back off and tried the kicker and the shifter and they work fine. so i put it all back together and once again the kicker doesn't have any spring and the shifter will not move. Sooo, i did it all again and still nothing. i have checked the kicker return spring and everything that the shifter comes in contact with and it all seems to be fine. What could be happening when i put the case back on that the shifter and kicker are not working. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. thanks for the quick replys. i was looking on the web and saw both those names and kustom kraft. gonna call and get prices from all three. i checked the cylinder again and there is a hairline crack. thanks for picking that out.
  7. rebuilding a 03 yz 250. took off the cylinder and seems that it was chrome plated, not too sure but thats what mechanic told me. It looks like the chrome is worn away a little around the exhaust port there is also a small gouge in the lower half of the cylinder. see pics attached. just wanna know if the damage is really that bad that it will need to be replated thats what the mechanic told me, it would need re plated and new topend. Im wondering if i can just put a new piston ring kit in it and it will work. trying to do a cheap rebuild or atleast just hone it out a little and put the new topend in it and put it together. thanks in advance for the help.
  8. I have a 1972 suzuki ts 250. Its a great bike. I want to get it on the street but the wireing is destroyed; everything was cut unless it was needed to make the bike run. What i want to know is a way to fix it. I was kinda thinking about buying a junk suzuki street bike from the same era like the gt streetbikes they made. I could in theory just take the wiring off that and put it on the ts. Is that possible or should i just keep scouring for the right parts and build it from scratch? any help is great thanks in advance.
  9. cost, definitely. Also, i dont think black people do well in the woods/rural areas as in, i have never seen a black hunter or a black man climbing a mountain. they are just better in city/ urban conditions, have you seen a black man in a real rural place like where there are only farms and hicks on tractors. i havent. also hockey. majority is white because black people dont like cold weather.
  10. i like to ride my dirtbike because i like to fly all around n go everywhere fast and hit jumps and shit. i like to ride big ass hunting quads because they just **** shit up. similiar to Big Black. i dont jump or hillclimb them tho. but you can fit quads anywhere you just run shit over and there you have it , a quad trail. the place i ride was all dirtbike trails, now most ride quads up there and there isnt a trail that cant fit both. you just have to have balls to ride on the hardcore shit and it will turn into a quad trail. its all about the rider. (anyone in pittsburgh should hit up the millvale mines. its awesome, well atleast the first few times.)
  11. I am looking to find a 1975 HONDA 400FOUR SUPER SPORT so i can make a cafe racer. I want to know about the reliability and power delivery of the bike. I found one cheap but needs tuned up and doesnt have a title. how would i go about getting the title, and for anybody that made a cafe racer before, is it hard to make, as in finding parts like bars, seat, and seat cowl thing. Also any good advice is nice. is there any thing that you can do to the motor to help out the hp, that doesnt break teh bank...thanks and if a different bike is better to start out on for a cafe racer let me know i am kinda worried about the four different cylinders and trying to tune them all the same.
  12. i just got the information on this place today. it seems like it would be fun but only once or twice or maybe if you have kids. it is a big loop thats 16 miles. i probably will do it but thats cause its a place to ride. its 15 bucks for a year. (its llike a fishing licence from jan to dec . . . not year from date. )i didnt get to see the track but i hope it isnt a gay one where you have to go slow and theres alot of retards that cant ride, if i check it out ill keep ya updated.
  13. make a video of your time riding.
  14. you should frame the rock the sprocket and the chain guard cause thats nucking futs lol
  15. sounds cool but will it work and is it easier than having a carb