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  1. When im riding mine I find that i cant let off. Cant loose momentum! Stay on the gas, wheelie/ Jump anything you can! Pic is an absolutely stock bike @11k In Idaho.
  2. I was riding in Idaho. Yes the bike gets rich at that alt. I just drop the needle a clip and ajust the airscrew. I was the first one up this year, before two other 250x's. Its not the bike just line choice. I like riding the little bikes still. I can go even faster downhill.
  3. the bike in the pic is completely stock 06. Didnt even change the gearing. elevation in pic is 10500.
  4. wait ill get it to work....
  5. Outdoor, the track follows natural contours. Up down elevation changes.
  6. Ill be there. Yamaha 391 +30 b