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  1. Thank's for the info! anyone can confirm? I'll note that, m56x1.5 for the 450 or the 250 2t?
  2. What is the diameter of both, the 450 2014 and the 250 2008? I dont say that I dont belive you but if you say that they are not the same diameter you probably know both diameter? It will be helpfull too to find something that could fit!
  3. I read somewhere it's M60x1.5mm but not sure anymore since somebody tell me it's not true.... My bike is in the shed under alot of snow so I can't mesure it
  4. Anyone know the thread pattern of the shock preload adjuster ring on the yz250 08?? And wich bike have de same dimension for swap? Sorry my english is bad :/
  5. The thread patern on my yz250 08 shock is m60x1.5 too. i cant understand how it could't fit...?
    almost finished project
  6. Hi! Very nice collar! I plan to build one for my yz250 2t 2008. The threads is the same so your model is very interesting! Can you share the dimension/ plan for it? CAD-File? I have some threads broken on my shock so I need something larger than the stock one! Thank's!
  7. my lever is moose racing
  8. Finally , it's right .... that's the brake lever , I drill out the lever a little and now it work fine . Thank's a lot !!
  9. Hi magdexracer, I have the same problem with my yz250 08... and seriously , after crash my head on the road I'm nervous to ride it again !!!! did you found the problem ???