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  1. Mobbs222

    Help...Threads came out with oil bolt.

    yeah i got a heli coil put in it. I should ask them about the safety wire, that sounds like a good idea. Yeah its the breathe hole. I guess i def. tightened that one too much. I was told just to loosen that bolt from now on, but wouldn't taking off the cap where you put the oil in also release the pressure and do the same thing?
  2. Mobbs222

    Help...Threads came out with oil bolt.

    ahhh. the good old costly dealer fix...
  3. lol expires in 2036... Thats great. Thanks for all the great information. This is definitely the way i am going. I am not going to use the UPS store though.. Not sure that will fly. I will find someone i know in AZ. Wow $75 that's not bad. Thanks for the info. I cant wait to be able to ride it on the street to the spot, and back! To work also to save on gas...
  4. I own a 08 wr250f and the threads came out with the top oil bolt (oil bolt number 2 in the book). Any advise or is this a dealer fix? Can anyone explain what this bolt does? The book says to take it out before i drain the oil from the bottom two bolts.
  5. Damn lol. Well i better try not to get pulled over. I have no choice to register my bike this way because i have no family in AZ (which by the way was a great idea). I am struggling to find someone i know for an address to use in AZ as it is. Does anyone know if a PO box will work?
  6. Thanks for the info. I will have insurance and an AZ address, it just wont be available on my ID because that is from Cali. Paying for the reg. fees in advance is a great idea! How much did the reg fees and getting your OR bike plated cost? Ever been pulled over and have to show an ID that is not the same as the AZ plate? Will also re-post this question.
  7. Because of current laws against dual sporting dirt bikes in Nevada i will be forced to try and plate my bike ( 08 WR 250f ) in Arizona even though i live in Nevada. What do i need to know before i go to the dmv? I already know what the bike needs to have. Do i need to have a Arizona address? Will they ask to see my drivers license, and if so what do i say? Do i already need to have insurance, or a officer signed off on my vin? I am just trying to get all the facts before i take my bike out there.
  8. Mobbs222

    Nevada Dual Sport Registration - DMV Not Registering

    Wow this is a great thread! Nice work everyone! I am very interested in registering my 08 wr250f and 450f. I seem to remember a post about being able to truck your bike to AZ in order to get it plated. I am not sure what is needed to do this. I read somewhere that all you needed was an AZ address (friends address lol). Does anyone have any info on this? I also read in a prior post that "Another option would be to obtain a letter of conformity from the manufacturer stating the vehicle meets all U.S. standards for on-road use except for lights, blinkers, etc". Has anyone tried to contact their manufactures about receiving this letter? I am going to call Yamaha tomorrow because the specs of the 08 WR250f and 08 WR250x are almost exactly identical "except for lights, blinkers, etc".
  9. Mobbs222

    Vegas Area Ride Today? 05/31

    Awesome! Thanks.
  10. My plans just got canceled, and i have nothing else to do today. Was thinking about going up to Cold Water. Anyone want to ride?
  11. Mobbs222

    08 WR250F Starting and Cluch Problem

    Ok well the dealer got back to me and the prob. was i fouled my plug and they had to clean and re-jet my carb. They also did it all for free. It is still a pretty lean main jet i am sure. Will re-post with info.
  12. Mobbs222

    08 WR250f Throttle Stop Location Help

    Will check tomorrow. Cant really ride it till the weekend though. So far going from idle to half throttle is fine, but going from idle to wot in neutral it bogs hard.
  13. Awesome. Will be getting the JD jet kit.
  14. Mobbs222

    08 WR250f Throttle Stop Location Help

    lol wow this worked wonders. I changed my screw in about 5 min. I now have a bog though when i open up the throttle all the way when its in neutral. Is this common? It dies sometimes too.
  15. I have yet to read any posts indicating that after installing the throttle stop the o-ring mod must be preformed. Is this a common issue after doing the throttle stop mod? Do you have the quick link to the o-ring mod?