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  1. joedil407

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2 stroke all day modded cr 125
  2. now i have tried going both ritcher and leaner with the piolts adjueting the clip and the carb is spotles i also have a new top end hahaha im lost nothing seems to work i have heard use a hotter plug and change the timing but i dont know
  3. joedil407

    Carb tuning 125 and 80

    i am having the same problem with my 99 cr125 what size pilot are you using in the 125?
  4. joedil407

    02' cr125 bogging question

    try taking the carb out and cleaning it with some carb spray and an air compresser to blow all that spray and gunk out and pay speciall attention to the piolt jet and air srcew take both out and clean them very well making sure to use the air hose to clear everything that should do it because you pilot jet and airscrew control idle to 1/4 throttle
  5. 99 cr125 with platinum pipe, shorty silencer, and v-force 3 reeds and it bogs out when i go from idle to full throttle only in first gear after first it seems to run fine it has #170 main and a #50 piolt with the clip in the stock position im thinking its jetting but if any one has any ideas plzzz let me know its realy annoting. thank you!
  6. i am looking to make my 99 cr 125 street legal does any one know the output on the stator of that bike? also if the stator doesnt put out enough power is there a stator form another bike i could use or maybe somthing aftermarket (maybe some ideas on somthing cheap if possible im on a tight bugget) thank you.