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  1. JimT

    Rampart Conditions?

    Is there much snow/ice up there right now? Thanks.
  2. JimT

    Losing Weight

    Good advice, or no eating within 3 hours of bed, other than small high-protein low-sugar snacks Best, IMHO: http://www.westonaprice.org/moderndi...ight-loss.html good 11 page NYTimes article http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpag... 63&sec=health What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie? - July 7, 2002 "If the members of the American medical establishment were to have a collective find-yourself-standing-naked-in-Times-Square-type nightmare, this might be it." good www.mercola.com Search weight loss clips from the first link: We do not recommend lowfat diets, high protein diets that restrict fat, vegetarian diets,* or vegan diets. The body needs an abundant supply of the fat-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble activators found only in animal fats. Many of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables cannot be absorbed without fat, and protein cannot be assimilated without fat. In fact, the body will rob its own precious stores of fat-soluble vitamins in order to digest protein if adequate fat is not eaten with it, which can lead to rapid depletion of these nutrients so necessary for so many biological functions. Price's natives never ate lean meat without the fat. *Vegetarian diets that include liberal use of eggs and raw dairy products can be healthy for some people. However, childen, people who want to conceive or are pregnant or lactating, and others with compromised health or digestive systems may do poorly on a vegetarian diet. Reducing simplecarbohydrates and increasing saturated fats is the basis for many of the recommendations in the books below. The fatty acids in coconut oil and butter in particular are helpful for weight loss.
  3. JimT

    Car totaled, need suggestions for replacement

    Nice! 20 pages of good reading there. Made it through 2, I'll have to come back to read the other 18! I have a gas pig Tundra, but might have to get a car that can tow if the predicted $6-$10 gas price spikes arrive.
  4. JimT

    Car totaled, need suggestions for replacement

    Xterras are supposed to be soild tow vehicles, not unibody. Gas mileage not as good as a car, but not terrible. I have a buddy who exports classic cars to Europe. He hauls 6,000 lb cars on an 8'x20' trailer. I'll bet he's pulling over 8,000 lbs:bonk: He can get it up to 10 mph on steep mountain passes! It's hard as heck on the thing, but it's holding up really well. If you find a good mpg tow vehicle let us know. A diesel would be a good start if the PTB would let us have a better selection in the U.S. A Jeep Liberty diesel would be good as far as mpg and tow capability (and tongue weight in your case), but they are not high on reliability.
  5. JimT

    Sen Udall trying to take away riding areas.

    "The bill...withdraws the land from mineral leasing (subject to valid existing rights), and allows for continued invasive species control and fire prevention activities." http://salazar.senate.gov/news/releases/080716domesc.htm In other words, mining, oil, natural gas and logging ARE STILL ALLOWED. This bill is called the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area and Wilderness Act. Pffft. Exactly what does this bill protect the wilderness from? Dirtbikes, mtn bikes? RIP Uncompahgre
  6. JimT

    Utah's Gov out to get "us"

    Why is Pew supporting SUWA? Since Pew gives tens of millions of dollars to oil companies, it is hard to believe that they are truly fighting the good fight to protect Utah wilderness from oil and gas development. And more importantly, why does SUWA accept money from Pew? Pew Charitable Trusts All based on the Sun Oil Company fortune of Joseph Newton Pew, the seven trusts that comprise the Pew Charitable Trusts were each established at separate times: Pew Memorial Trust (1948) J. N. Pew, Jr. Charitable Trust (1956) J. Howard Pew Freedom Trust (1957) Mabel Pew Myrin Trust (1957) Medical Trust (1979) Knollbrook Trust (1965) and Mary Anderson Trust (1957) Here are descriptions of the investments of two of these 7 trusts: (For a cleaner format, see here:http://www.undueinfluence.com/pew_charitable_trusts.htm ) J. N. Pew Jr. Trust: INVESTMENT SHARES AMOUNT Chevron Corp 40,800 $3,371,371 USK Marathon Group (New Com) 82,100 $2,473,263 Atlantic Richfield 27,700 $2,059,420 Mobil Corp 27,291 $1,897,471 Mitchell Energy & Development Corp "B" 1,400 $37,539 Vintage Petroleum Inc 8,605 $170,444 Encap Energy Capital Fund III 7,275 $7,275 Beloc Oil & Gas Corp 10,600 $92,834 Horizon Offshore 6,502 $38,196 Miller Exploration 6,100 $100,431 Phillips Petroleum 21,414 $936,599 Columbia Energy Group 3,600 $210,911 Pew Memorial Trust INVESTMENT SHARES AMOUNT Burlington Resources 38,300 $1,934,150 Coastal Corporation 40,654 $3,590,256 Exxon Mobil Corporation 97,641 $8,488,664 Kerr McGee Corp 27,222 $1,822,173 Occidental Petroleum Corp 159,800 $3,875,150 MCN Energy Group Inc 69,400 $1,921,513 Helmerich & Payne Inc. 44,700 $1,961,213 Occidental Petroleum Corp 295,100 $7,156,175 Ocean Energy Inc 132,000 $2,293,500 Pittston Brink's Group 30,800 $612,150 Swift Energy Co 128,986 $4,853,098 Vintage Petroleum Inc 41,850 $899,775 Southern Energy Inc. 37,500 $1,061,719 Energy East Corp 16,430 $3,234,656 Burlington Resources 24,725 $1,248,613 Chevron Corp 9,100 $768,381 Coastal Corporation 18,800 $1,660,275 Exxon Mobil Corporation 50,895 $4,424,684 Kerr McGee Corp 18,150 $1,214,916 Occidental Petroleum Corp 34,125 $827,531 Schlumberger Ltd 16,325 $1,304,980 MCN Energy Group Inc 62,525 $1,731,161 Chevron Corp 40,600 $3,428,163 Exxon Mobil Corporation 53,700 $4,668,544 Schlumberger Ltd 46,600 $3,725,088 Transocean Sedco Forex 46,800 $2,152,800 Duke Energy Corp 29,400 $2,506,350 Burlington Resources 59,550 $3,007,275 Coastal Corporation 62,300 $6,902,838 Exxon Mobil Corporation 79,400 $6,902,838 Kerr McGee Corp 41,950 $2,808,028 Occidental Petroleum Corp 241,525 $5,856,981 Duke Energy Corp 31,550 $2,689,638 MCN Energy Group Inc 10,4200 $2,885,038
  7. JimT

    Utah's Gov out to get "us"

    Trailryder42, SUWA is backed by billionaires and huge charities, USA-ALL is backed by us. It's David and Goliath. Keep trying to join USA-ALL, we need you. See the wikipedia excerpts below, then consider the following: SUWA is funded primarily by Hansjorg Wyss and the Pew Charitable Trust. Pew Charitable Trust was created by the family of the founder of Sun Oil Company. So, we have a wealthy oil family that wants to protect Utah from dirtbikes, but I assume they are not against oil development in Utah. Is this hypocrisy? It is suspicious. I also wonder why Hansjorg Wyss feels so strongly about OHV damage in Utah that he will contribute millions of $ to the cause. I also wonder if he spends as much money on fighting uranium mining, natural gas exploration, oil shale, and radioactive waste dumping, all of which are certainly of greater threat to Utah than dirtbikes, ATV's and mountain bikes. Who is this Swiss-born Wyss person, and why does he care so much about Utah? Is it possible that SUWA is being used by the energy industry (Pew) in order to go after non-issues such as dirtbikes, which takes public attention away from far more damaging problems. Also, if you keep OHV's out of the desert, there will be very few people out there...in other words very few witnesses to the plundering that is coming to a favorite desert riding area near you...e.g. oil shale strip mines and uranium strip mines. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see some of our areas gone in the coming decades..literally gone, mined up and trucked off. Note that most riding areas in Utah are in BLM lands. BLM lands are under heavy pressure for energy development. The govt, through the BLM and things like the Naval Oil Shale Reserve, secured much of this land decades ago, and is now making good on it's promises to lease it for energy development (mostly to the benefit of foreign energy companies from Canada and GB). Oil shale is really only economically competitive if the shale is strip mined, however Shell is developing technology to extract it in place. Until then, the shale will be strip mined, and north eastern Utah is loaded with the stuff. I admit that some of this sounds like conspiracy theory, but you all have to agree that Pew supporting SUWA is suspicious. From Wikipedia: SUWA In the late 1990s, SUWA began building a large endowment from grants. The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Wyss Foundation were particularly generous. As of 2004, SUWA had amassed almost $5 million. Swiss-born billionaire Hansjorg Wyss joined the board of SUWA in 1996 and later financed a new $1.4 million Salt Lake City headquarters. Though SUWA has been able raise large sums of money over the last decade its membership numbers have declined 30% from a high of 20,000 to 14,000 [5] Still, SUWA maintains that 70 percent of their funding comes from membership dues and donations, and roughly 80 percent of the organization's income is spent on program work.[6] Pew Charitable Trust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pew_Charitable_Trusts The Trusts, a single entity, is the successor to, and sole beneficiary of, seven charitable funds established between 1948 and 1979 by the adult children of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph N. Pew and his wife, Mary Anderson Pew. Joseph N. Pew, Jr. called Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, "a gigantic scheme to raze U.S businesses to a dead level and debase the citizenry into a mass of ballot-casting serfs."[2]
  8. JimT

    BEST Trails in Moab!

    Check out the sticky at the top of this forum. There were also people posting they're favorite rides in a couple of threads in the last few weeks. Check 'em out.
  9. JimT

    Green River Conditions

    Anybody have an update on Green River conditions for this weekend, Feb 8-10? Thanks.
  10. JimT

    1st Time @ Moab, only 2 days

    For beginners: Monitor Merrimac, Bartlett Wash and Hidden Canyon. They all have alot of sand (sometimes deep, dry and loose and tricky for beginners, esp deep in Hidden Canyon), but very little technical rocky sections. Good way for beginners to get used to riding in sand. Sometimes the washes are wet, so there is nice, firm easy to ride sand. You can camp in Bartlett Wash and ride all three from there as they are connected by very easy dirt roads. I think the ladies would have the most fun riding up Bartlett all the way up to the top of it and back down, then on to M&M. Gemini Bridges is nothing more than a road, but it's nice scenery at the arch. If you take them on Gemini, they could also ride the first few minutes of Gold Bar, but you would want to turn around before you drop down a certain steep rocky face (+/- 5 feet high) which you would have to come back up. You'll know it when you see it. I think all other areas, except for White Wash, are too intimidating for beginners.
  11. JimT

    Pueblo still open?

    The mx track is open, and a very small portion of the open riding area is still legally open, maybe about 10%. Search threads in the last couple of months for more info.
  12. JimT

    Grand Junction Trails

    Last summer before I went to the Uncomp. I searched TT and found this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=147663&highlight=uncompahgre I followed drtbkr's directions into the north trail system, and found some good singletrack. It took some explorin though. Thanks drtbkr....
  13. JimT

    Question on new status of Factory Butte OHV area

    I asked the same question here a couple of weeks ago, and got differing responses: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=418039&page=1&pp=30
  14. No, Thunder Valley is at the west side of Lakewood, a western suburb of Denver. It is about 1-1/4 hours from Copper Mountain. The next closest tracks in the Denver area are probably 2 hours from Copper.
  15. JimT

    SUWA wins the Factory Butte Battle!

    Thanks quick1nick.