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  1. dave074

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Sounds good! Can't wait for spring!
  2. dave074

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Hello all! I am planning on doing a mix of a few enduros and hare scrambles next year as well. Last year was my first year riding in the dirt and I want to step it up and do some organized event. I got the bug real bad! 🤣 I live in Oakland County, so if anyone near me is interested in training rides or caravanning to a race I am all in. -David
  3. dave074

    Yamaha TTR250 1999

    Fun air cooled trail bike. Heavy.
  4. dave074

    Yamaha TTR250 (1999)


    Fun air cooled trail bike. Heavy.
  5. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    I haven't seen any monster trucks, but I saw some crazy steampunk looking mud buggy. For a quick and easy partial day of riding it is not a bad option.
  6. They're both nice, but YZ smokers are just magical. They don't have electric start though. Dang it! Now you got me thinking! What is the riding like out in Oregon? I assume lots of tight wooded single track, but isn't there a fair amount of desert on the east side of the state?
  7. I have thought about going that route but had thought it may be more power than I am ready for. The light weight and easier to maintain engine would be a huge upside, though.
  8. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    You should go back. Its a nice place to ride.
  9. Just saw this thread. How is the TTR250 treating you? I got a 1999 last spring and have really enjoyed it, but I am thinking a new YZ250FX is the ticket for me next spring.
  10. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    Man, that is awesome. That's what its all about!
  11. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    I was hoping I'd be able to get out to Mounds tomorrow but it looks like I can't. Have fun! And stay warm and dry if possible! 🙂
  12. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    Last Friday was definitely a bad luck dayat Mounds. I had left the ignition on the bike turned on after I power washed it. When I unloaded the bike the battery was dead and it wouldn't bump start. Considered jumping it with my truck, but as old as the bike is I thought I would be risking getting stuck out in the woods if I stalled and couldn't restart. As much as it killed me I had to go back home. I jump started it at home and rode around by the house. The bike wouldn't start on it own though, so not jumping it mounds was the right move. Anyway, got a new battery so I will be riding there Friday if anyone wants to meet up.
  13. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    Do you ride at Mounds often? If you see a guy on an old TTR250 that looks like he doesn't know what he is doing that will be me. I am planning on riding there tomorrow. -David
  14. dave074

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    I live in the Detroit area and ride at Mounds fairly regularly. I also just got into off-road riding this year. Next season I am planning on riding up north as much as possible. I'd be happy to ride with you any time, and like has been said already there are a bunch of the guys in the area to ride with. Feel free to shoot me a PM and maybe we can get in some riding before it gets to cold. -David
  15. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!