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  1. aford541

    Wrecked bad today have a question?

    Ummmm sorry but you bent the brake rotor
  2. aford541

    Dirt Bike Television now on Directv!

    I think he said that the frequency that the four stroke exhaust is travels 5 times farther. I watched the show, it is good.
  3. aford541

    slipper clutch 07 yz 450

    Exellent explaination Gray
  4. aford541

    It hurts crashing at 45....

    I hope you feel better soon.
  5. aford541

    Worst Grips on the planet

    The old ones were good but the redseigned models wear out too quick, I just switched back to stock YZ grpis.
  6. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    I'm thinking if you actually read all 31 pages you'd need a shrink like I do.
  7. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Chris asked him to pull the account.
  8. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    I have heard that the patents are very solid and some have decided not to develop a similar product for that reason. Did you see that one of the sport models sold on ebay for 725.00!
  9. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Good, it seems like most everyone is out of the proverbial “tree” at this point who knows maybe we can get Leatt to kiss and make up.
  10. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Nice. Leatt has a great product here don't mess it up with an opinion.
  11. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    My beleifs are simple, saftey above all, I won't let anyones agenda stand in the way of my (or my friends and families) saftey, I beleive I am safer in the leatt brace regardless of any percieved greed. The greed case could be made for almost every product on the market, I wear a 580.00 shoei helmet because I think im safer in it, a 495.00 neck brace is a bargain. I spoke to Geoff today, the greed issue you are refering to does not exist, Geoff recieved many calls from OTHER VENDORS complaining that TT was discounting the brace, the brace is price protected, If TT got permission from someone at Leatt then it was a misunderstanding and should be treated as such. Many products are price protected like asterisk knee braces for example. You are the man Nomadak, very good information. Unfortunately someone elses wife and kids may have to reap what 125shifter has sewn here! The Leatt Brace is the only actice neck restraint available for moto and the patents will protect the product for quite a while.
  12. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    He knows everything, stop trying to teach him anything.
  13. aford541

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Truth is none of us know the whole story but many of us are acting like the judge jury and executioner.